BCCJ Past Events

International Students’ Satisfaction & Employability -Strategies for Success

The Japanese government is recognising the potential for equipping international students to work in Japan after graduation in a bid to ease the country’s labour shortages. So how can international students’ employability be supported? The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan held a webinar in early December to discuss this question, with speakers Guy Perring, regional director of education insights provider i-graduate Asia.; Dr Yuriko Sato, researcher at Japan Student Services Organization; and Brett Berquist, assistant vice-chancellor of engagement at University of Canterbury, New Zealand.


De-Risking Businesses Amidst a New Geopolitical Rivalry 

With businesses facing an ever-shifting geopolitical reality, the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan held an event in late November where an expert panel explored how to strike the right balance between economic efficiency and risk-minimisation. The speakers were Greg Clark, the UK Trade Envoy to Japan; Kazuhiro Sugie, director of security trade control policy, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Kumiko Pivette, senior manager and geopolitical risk advisory lead, PwC Japan LLC; and Hideo Suzuki, executive advisor at Nippon Steel Corporation, with moderation from Takuji Okubo, managing director at Japan Macro Advisors.

Anglo-Nippon Culture Club 

On Wednesday, December 6, the BCCJ launched the Anglo-Nippon Culture Club at the Yuzu Kyodai office in Tokyo’s new urban oasis, Toranomon. Kicking off our first session was lawyer, artist, DJ, producer and all-round creative, James Nepaulsingh. Speaking with Sven Palys of Yuzu Kyodai and Sarah Backley of the BCCJ, James opened up about his journey in discovering the arts, balancing the delicate equilibrium between creative pursuits and responsibilities working in a field notorious for long hours, in a city renowned for the same crime.

BCCJ Cup – Annual Golf Day

We are pleased to be bringing back a crowd favourite and look forward to welcoming around 50 golfers from the BCCJ and our wider network, for a leisurely day out on the Jack Nicklaus designed course – one of the most scenic around and, at the same time, easy to play!

Welcome Wednesday – Meet the New BCCJ Members

The BCCJ is committed to keeping you plugged into our ever-evolving network, always with your business growth in mind.

On Wednesday 8 November , you’re invited to join us for our quarterly meet and greet with our newest Chamber members at BCCJ office. This event will provide an opportunity to learn about companies who’ve recently joined the BCCJ business network, exchange cross-industry perspectives, and connect over mutual interests.

Cross-Chamber Young Professionals Speed Networking

The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) is pleased to join other international chambers of commerce in Japan to host its first speed networking event on October 25. This cross-chamber event gives members under age 35 a chance to connect. Modelled after speed dating, the speed networking format allows young professionals to meet at least five people. Please note that light food and drinks will be served at this event.

Participating chambers:

  • British Chamber of Commerce in Japan  (BCCJ)
  • The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)
  • Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BLCCJ)
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ)
  • The French Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCI France Japon)
  • Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (FCCJ)
  • German Chamber of Commerce in Japan (AHK Japan)
  • South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SACCJ)

Tech & HR: the Good, the Bad, and the Future

Digitalisation is sweeping through every aspect of our businesses and working lives. When it comes to streamlining processes and maximising efficiency in our systems, the benefits are significant and many, and the drawbacks few. But can we say the same about the impact on people?

It’s no secret that the role of technology within HR is changing. Big data and AI applications are changing how we hire, manage, evaluate and communicate with the people in our organisations, and HR is on a steep learning curve. Alongside the obvious benefits there are new risks and concerns emerging, from blurred personal-private boundaries and hidden biases to the challenges of gathering and interpreting qualitative as well as quantitative data. So how can companies navigate these changes, and how should we expect the role of technology within HR to further evolve going forward?

Build Cultural Awareness & Communication Skills

Successful organizations and business professionals network, build professional relationships and strong business partnerships across cultures. This requires cross-cultural awareness and the ability to communicate effectively in a wide variety of business situations.

In this webinar, arranged jointly by the BCCTaipei and BCCJ, you’ll develop a deeper cultural understanding, raising awareness of its influence on our thinking and communication styles. You’ll gain valuable cultural insights to ensure you can convey your message effectively with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. You’ll also learn valuable and practical communication skills that, combined with cultural understanding, will make you a more effective communicator on a global stage. 

Using Your Brand to Power Your Business in Japan

The rationale for building your organisation’s brand with consideration is clear. Countless studies have revealed a solid return on investment – be it differentiation from competitors, loyalty from customers, or enhanced employee performance through sense of purpose. All these benefits work to increase profitability, long-term success, and are the reason, as stated in The Economist, why brand accounts for more than 30% of the stock market value of firms in the S&P 500.

But many organisations fail to realise the benefits that their brand can deliver for their business, with the largest culprits being misalignment, miscommunication and misunderstanding on goals, decision-making, and long-term brand building.

European Joint Chamber Cocktail Party 2023

Come and join 17 European Chambers of Commerce for a night of networking and cocktails at Institut français du Japon Tokyo. This event will include a selection of free-flow drinks and fine food.

Please note, that this event will sell out so booking early is recommended. Bookings are limited to 2 representatives per company.

The ESG Imperative – Why Your Commitments Matter Now More Than Ever

ESG has transcended from a buzzword about ‘doing the right thing’, to becoming a critical imperative for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Embracing ESG principles enhances brand reputation, mitigates risks, fosters innovation, connects brands with a change in consumer values and so much more. Although its benefits are universally recognised, questions must be asked as to where we are within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs), now halfway along by date but certainly not halfway to reaching the end goal. And with the COP28 Summit just weeks away, what can we expect to come out of this year’s conference, now labelled the opportunity to make or miss the climate change cut-off.

Joint-Chamber Mixer | Architecture, Construction and Design

Join us on Wednesday, September 27 to experience the innovation and creativity of modern art and industry at 21_21 Design Sight Museum – located within Tokyo Midtown, the museum serves as a hub for the future of design as culture. Guests will immerse themselves in the “Materials Unearthed” exhibition, exploring the world of materials in contemporary design.

Following the exclusive museum tour, guests will head over to nearby 512 Cafe & Grill for a keynote speech by Michel van Ackere and enjoy valuable networking with other like-minded members from the German, Canadian and French Chambers of Commerce in Japan, where drinks and finger food will be served.

Digital Technology & Innovation Working Group | Kick-off Meeting

the BCCJ will be heading to the EY Japan office in Hibiya, Tokyo for our Digital Technology & Innovation Working Group kick-off meeting. We welcome anyone with an interest in bringing businesses and innovation within organisations together to discuss modern-day technological solutions to business challenges.

This group will look to raise awareness of digital trends through thought leadership and knowledge sharing, and will explore areas for practical collaborative action. Organisations are more reliant than ever on technology to reshape effective business practices, achieve clean growth and reduce business resource costs. We will use this group to highlight some of the ways in which BCCJ member companies are achieving the above and work together on new forward-thinking initiatives.


BCCJ Breakfast Club with the Afan Woodland Trust

This is the eleventh of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ’s) Breakfast Club series.

The Trust, known for its restoration of abandoned land into a rich biodiverse forest in Nagano, has been widely covered in Japanese media over the years, and has received visits from then-Prince Charles in 2008 and Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko in 2016. Since the sad passing of well-known Welsh environmentalist C. W. Nicol MBE in April 2020, to whom the woods are dedicated, the Afan Woodland team have been working hard to maintain the forest and carry on his legacy.

The forest is not usually open to the public, however limited opportunities are available to corporations and individuals which support the aims and goals of the Trust. The Trust offers a wide range of outdoor activities which has brought in companies across the nation to join its unique legacy project and offer a create way to meet teams’ CSR goals.

Japan’s Strategic Plan for Foreign Direct Investment

In April of this year, an “Action Plan for Attracting Human and Financial Resources from Overseas” was decided on by the the Government of Japan’s Council for Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment in Japan, led by Minister of Economic and Fiscal Policy and supported by various other Government Ministers.

The Action Plan sets a new target to increase Japan’s inward FDI position to 100 trillion yen by 2030.


Welcome Wednesday – Meet the new BCCJ Members

The BCCJ is committed to keeping you plugged into our ever-evolving network, always with your business growth in mind.

On Wednesday June 14, you’re invited to join us for our quarterly online meet and greet with our newest Chamber members. This 1-hour online session will provide an opportunity to learn about companies who’ve recently joined the BCCJ business network, exchange cross-industry perspectives, and connect over mutual interests.

British Business Awards 2023

You are invited to join the British Business Awards 2023 – this year’s largest celebration of UK-Japan culture and commerce – to be held on the evening of Thursday, November 2 (1800-2200JST), at Hilton Tokyo.

The British Business Awards (BBA) gala was launched in 2008 with the goal of celebrating excellence whilst showcasing success and innovation across all industries. The Awards also highlight the important social contributions made by British and Japanese organisations and individuals through their commitment to sustainability, community and ethical behaviour.

The BCCJ’s Back at the Pub Quiz III

It’s back, it’s finally back! Due to popular demand, the BCCJ’s Pub Quiz will be arriving at a pub near you (provided you live in Ebisu), as we head over to The Footnik Ebisu on a mission to fill your hunger for trivia, and thirst for a tasty beverage.

Join Quiz-Meister Nick Rees, the BCCJ and a room full of fellow quizzers on August 3, as our courageous teams look to topple EY Japan’s reign on the BCCJ Pub Quiz title. For the winners, the fantastic prizes are all yours. For the losers, you get the dignity of knowing that you have a life beyond trivia!


Discovering Northern Ireland: Dual Market Access Explained

“Northern Ireland is in the unbelievably special position, a unique position in the entire world, European continent…. privileged access, not just to the UK home market, which is enormous, but also the EU single market. Nobody else has that… only Northern Ireland.” UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak (February 2023)

Following the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU), agreements made between both jurisdictions through the Withdrawal Agreement (Northern Ireland Protocol and Windsor Framework) mean Northern Ireland enjoys full market access to both Great Britain (GB) and the EU, two of the biggest markets in the world.

The Great British Summer Bash 2023

It’s the calm before the storm of Rainy Season in Tokyo. The days are getting longer and we’re just weeks away from the echoing ring of ‘atsui desu ne’ around Japan… This can only mean one thing — the BCCJ’s Great British Summer Bash is back!

This year’s annual summer favorite will be held at the Hilton Tokyo’s Beer Garden in the Sky – one of Tokyo’s hidden gems, tucked away on the hotel’s 7th floor. At this seasonal soirée, guests will enjoy two hours free flow of refreshing beverages and the chef’s signature Surf & Turf platter followed by a Great British raffle. It’s everything we love about British summers, just without the dreadful weather.

Summer Cocktail 2023 – Joint Chamber Networking Party

The BCCJ is teaming up with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan(SpCCJ) and 14 international chambers to bring you Summer Cocktail 2023 – a joint business networking event with a beautiful opportunity to expand your connections and relationships with industry leaders and like-minded professionals from different backgrounds.

Savour the Spanish wine, cava and sangría, Belgian non-alcohol beer, Irish whiskey cocktails, and nibbles prepared by the culinary team of EDITION exclusively for the occasion, and of course, get ready your wishes for Tanabata, the magic festivity of the 7th day, of the 7th month.

Responsible Business Working Group | Kick-off Meeting

On July 6, we will be heading to the Barclays office in Tokyo for our Responsible Business Working Group kick-off meeting. We welcome anyone with an interest in sustainability, social innovation and ethical practices and behaviours to join the conversation and have your say. This kick-off meeting will be led by the BCCJ Executive Committee’s Responsible Business taskforce members.

Japanese Consumption Tax: Preparing for the 2023 Qualified Invoice Issuer Rules

Japan will implement a qualified invoice storage method (Japanese Invoice System) from October 2023. Under this new Japanese Invoice System, all qualified invoices, where tax credits for Japanese Consumption Tax (JCT) are applicable, will require proper storage as per the stipulated guidelines. Otherwise, deductions through tax credits may not be applicable, and the amount of JCT payments may increase.

These updates are relevant to all organisations and individuals who issue invoices. In this BCCJ toolbox session led by HLS Global, we will learn more about this new invoicing system and what it all means for your business.

BCCJ SME and Startup Night 3

The third BCCJ SME and Startup Night is here – an open community event for those looking to connect, share and learn from other entrepreneurs (both successful and aspiring!) and creatives in Japan. Through bringing these people together, the BCCJ strives to facilitate a support network where ideas and solutions are explored together, enabling small businesses to develop and grow.

We are excited to be heading back to ComMunE Shibuya for this event, a rooftop in central Shibuya offering a fantastic view over the city, modern cuisine and plenty in the way of drinks–the perfect venue for some casual networking.  At this event, we will hear from Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Association (T-SMECA) on the public support programmes they provide for Japanese and foreign startups and SMEs in Japan, and their role in helping these organisations and ideas to succeed.

BCCJ Breakfast Club with ES Global

This is the tenth of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ’s) Breakfast Club series.

This BCCJ Breakfast Club event is kindly sponsored by ES Global. On the morning of Tuesday, June 20, guests will enjoy a specially prepared breakfast menu on the 27th Floor of the Shangri-La Tokyo, while enjoying some light networking with around 35 other Chamber members.

In celebration of ES Global’s recently-attained construction license, joining us from the UK will be Global CEO Jeff Burke. Jeff will share opening remarks on how ES Global is successfully embracing innovation and sustainability in the world of semi-permanent structures, as well as wider global concepts such as “meanwhile use” of buildings and circular economy, and its relevance to future events in Japan and globally. He will draw on ES Global’s experience delivering major venues for and events during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, and their expectations of design and construction innovation at the Osaka World Expo 2025.

Welcome Wednesday – Meet the new BCCJ Members

The BCCJ is committed to keeping you plugged into our ever-evolving network, always with your business growth in mind.

On Wednesday June 14, you’re invited to join us for our quarterly online meet and greet with our newest Chamber members. This 1-hour online session will provide an opportunity to learn about companies who’ve recently joined the BCCJ business network, exchange cross-industry perspectives, and connect over mutual interests.


Rugby World Cup 2023 – Three Months to Go

The BCCJ is pleased to be teaming up with the French Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Japan (CCIFJ), the Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ), the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ), the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (IJCC) and South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SACCJ) on this special event to commemorate the 3 month countdown to the Rugby World Cup 2023.

On the evening of June 9, we will welcome Takashi Kikutani, former Japanese rugby union player (No. 8 / Flanker) and Takuji Kimura, TV director and journalist who specialises in rugby, to hear about their personal experiences in the field and views on the upcoming world cup.

Latest Global & Regional Retail Trends – The Rise of Gen Z Consumers

Today, we are seeing the rise of more than 500 million Generation Z consumers in the Asia-Pacific region. The first generation to grow up entirely in a digital and connected world, with easy access to the internet and smartphones, members of Gen Z are digital natives, comfortable with technology, social media, and online communication in a way that even their still-young predecessors may not be. Connecting with them presents businesses with new challenges.

The BCCJ is teaming up with the ACCJ Retail Committee for this event. We are pleased to be inviting guest speakers from KPMG during their visit to Japan – Paul Martin, UK’s Global Head of Retail, Anson Bailey, Head of Consumer and Retail in APAC, and Isabelle Allen, Global Head for Consumer and Retail.

TPP Cup 2023

ANZCCJ/BCCJ/CCCJ/JCCC was pleased to present The TPP Cup Comprehensive Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership. Players enjoyed the 18 hole Taiheiyo Club, Narita Course with partners to emulate the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) vision. After a fun filled day, an award ceremony followed with a buffet style dinner.the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ) is leading the organisation of this event. Once we have registered your details, we will forward your information to the team at the CCCJ who will follow up with further information. The BCCJ team will be present on the day of this event.


Energy Industry Multinational Chamber Networking Mixer

The BCCJ co-hosted this event with the American, Canadian, French, German and Irish Chambers of Commerce in Japan, guests participated in lively dialogue and had a chance to learn about the latest energy insights and trends from all corners of Japan and around the globe.

Guests met new colleagues from across the energy industry. Industries ranged in renewables, energy tech, policy, government relations, commodities, energy project finance, electricity retail, or the like, this was a great opportunity to catch up with old industry colleagues and make new ones. Energy Committee leaders proactively introduced new members and guests to others around the room, so everyone could quickly get in on the fun.

Cybersecurity for All, Cybersecurity by All: A View from the Japanese Government and Industry

We invited Susan Oliver, Counsellor for Defence, Security, Cyber, Space and Civil Aerospace Exports at the British Embassy Tokyo; Ken Katayama, Project General Manager of Digital Policy, Toyota Motor Corporation; Isamu Yamaguchi, Counsellor, International Strategy Group, National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC); and Akihiro Wada, Chair, Working Group on Cyber-Security Enhancement, Committee on Cyber Security, Keidanren, and Director for Cybersecurity at ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS CO., LTD., to share their insights about current issues with cyber defense in Japan and cybersecurity’s importance in digital transformation. The experts also shared an overview of what the Japanese government and industry are doing in order to keep the country and workforce secure in the face of cyber warfare.

Entering the New Era of British Education in Japan

Recent years have also shown a shift in the trend of Japanese families opting to send their children to boarding schools in the UK. While the interest in the British curriculum has not wavered, a shift in the types of families who opt for this is evident, and the routes in which they decide to do so.On May 9, we invited representatives of the British Council Japan, Malvern College Tokyo, Rugby School Japan, Office Otake and The British School in Tokyo, to discuss on the latest trends and about the recent expansion of British education, and the projected impact it may have in Japan and globally.

Brits Helping Out in Japan

In collaboration with PechaKucha our sponsor London Stock Exchange Group, we celebrated the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III on May 8 and also provided a great platform for members to support their local areas and communities.We will be giving centre stage to and learning from some of the most inspirational Brits who have boldly taken the initiative to ‘Help Out’ here in Japan. Our specially-selected presenters will share their stories in the classic PechaKucha format of 10 slides, 20 seconds!

A Fireside Chat with The Law Society President and British Embassy Trade Policy Counsellor

BCCJ Executive Committee member James Nepaulsingh invited Lubna Shuja, President of the Law Society of England and Wales (“Law Society”), and Sophie Dyer, Trade Policy Counsellor at the British Embassy Tokyo, to discuss various topics regarding international reputation of English and Welsh law, trade agreement updates, diversity, equity, law society support, and a lot more.

BCCJ Annual General Meeting 2023

On April 27, BCCJ Members elected the new Executive Committee and the new BCCJ President for the 2023-24 chamber year, followed by a two hour dinner for members to catch up with both new and familiar faces. His Majesty’s Ambassador to Japan, Julia Longbottom CMG, also provided a remark to the chamber on the event.

BCCJ Breakfast Club 9

On April 19, we held our first Breakfast Club of the 2023-2024 Chamber year, where members new and old gathered to network and shat, and also hear form members of the BCCJ’s Executive Committee for the 2023-2024 chamber year.

The Digital Leap to Gender Equality

This lunchtime event brought together prominent industry leaders, experts, and professionals from Japan and the UK to discuss the latest advancements and trends in the field of technology and IT, with a specific emphasis on gender equity, inclusivity, and the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the industry.

BCCJ SME and Startup Night 2

Our second BCCJ SME and Startup Night – an open community event for those looking to connect, share and learn from other entrepreneurs (both successful and aspiring!) and creatives in Japan. Through coming together, the BCCJ strived to facilitate a support network where ideas and solutions are explored together, enabling small businesses to develop and grow.

Purchasing Power With Purpose: How Supplier Diversity Works for Everyone

From the largest global corporations to the smallest local businesses, supplier diversity benefits everyone and can help level the playing field for underrepresented groups. Join us for an informative, engaging evening in which we explored this vital supply chain characteristic to understand what Supplier Diversity (SD) is, why it is important to companies and how it strengthens their diversity and sustainability efforts. Hear about NGOs that support diverse business owners and companies seeking to work with diverse businesses. Broaden and deepen the conversation with your fellow ACCJ members, members of other chambers, and allied business organizations, as we take time to network over drinks and a buffet of delectable refreshments.

Power Harassment Law in Japan – What Your Company Needs to Know…

BCCJ was joined by Hiroshi Chiba of Tokyo Uchisaiwaicho Law Firm and Catherine O’Connell of Catherine O’Connell Law to explore what the legislation means for companies of all sizes. Our speakers provided an overview of what defines power harassment, measures that employers should enforce to prevent it, share real-world examples of how cases have surfaced, and explained how the new laws are applicable even in an online environment.

BCCJ Hybrid Tea-Time 17: Regenerating Regional Areas Through Education

For our 17th BCCJ Tea-Time session–and first in a hybrid format–we invited Kate Sedwell from Atlantic Pacific (AP) to lead the discussion as part of her visit from the UK. This event included a brief presentation about AP’s work in Kamaishi, leading to a wider and open discussion concerning the regeneration of regional areas through education and positive initiatives to inspire much-needed change.

Breakfast with the UK’s Trade Envoy to Japan

On the morning of March 16, guests enjoyed a specially prepared Western-style breakfast, while enjoying some light networking with around 40 other Chamber members. Joining us on this special occasion was the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, who was appointed by the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson in May 2022 as the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Japan, to share a few words on his current activities and overview of the UK-Japan relationship, during his first visit to Japan in the role. A facilitated discussion was led by BCCJ Vice President and Director at University of Oxford Japan Office, Alison Beale.

Joining Forces on International Women’s Day 2023 to #EmbraceEquity

We invited Junko Kubokawa, Representative Director and President, Croda Japan KK, Natalia Sanz Laviña, CEO, YSLA Architects, Hiroko Suzuki, President & CEO, Kyowa Industrial Co., Anne-Line Rey, Sales Project Director, Head of Osaka Expo 2025, GL Events Japan KK, and Tomoyo Hiraoka, VP, Chief HR Officer, Mitsubishi Chemical Group, to share their insights on the topic, acknowledging the work already being done in organisations and communities to respond to workplace inequities, and addressing what the key roles are for individuals, corporates and governments in pushing the agenda forward and taking the strides needed to truly advance gender equity in the future.

Welcome Wednesday – Meet the new BCCJ Members

On Wednesday February 22, members joined us for our quarterly online meet and greet with our newest Chamber members. This 1-hour Zoom session provided an opportunity to learn about companies who’ve recently joined the BCCJ business network, exchanged cross-industry perspectives, and connect over mutual interests.

Healing Work-Hurt: 3 Strategies to Ditch Doubt, Rebuild Confidence, and Overcome Overwhelm in the Office

In this session, we discussed topics such as how to identify the factors of burnout and address them BEFORE anything bad happens, how to embrace resilience and bounce back from harmful working experiences including toxic relationships and workplace culture, the #1 secret to shifting negative thinking patterns that keep both employees and organisations stuck and unproductive, how to find satisfaction outside of the 9-5, how to build and leverage support networks that impact your wellbeing, and how to work towards sharing your authentic self and show your scars.


The BCCJ hopes you joined our annual networking event hosted with our friends and colleagues at the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce (IJCC). To kick off proceedings, we heard from Ambassador of Ireland to Japan, Damien Cole and BCCJ President Richard Lyle, followed by an evening of Irish food, drinks and networking at the Ambassador’s Residence in Tokyo.

Global Economic Forecast 2023

On the morning of Monday, Feb 6, guests enjoyed a Western-style plated breakfast at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, where our speakers picked out and spoke about their key geopolitical and economic themes for the year ahead, and issues businesses should be bracing for in 2023.

200 Years of Rugby

The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ), alongside the Australian New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ), Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ), CCI France Japon (CCIJF), Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce (IJCC), and South African Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SACCJ) invited you to join us for a celebratory event at The Tokyo EDITION Toranomon on the evening of Wednesday, February 1.

BCCJ SME and Startup Night

The BCCJ SME and Startup Night was an open community event for those looking to connect, share and learn from other entrepreneurs (both successful and aspiring!) in Japan. Through coming together, the BCCJ strives to facilitate a support network where ideas and solutions are explored together, enabling small businesses to develop and grow. We hope this was the first of many startup nights.

BCCJ Shinnenkai (New Year Party) 2023

We hope you joined us on the evening of January 19, to celebrate the beginning of 2023 and anticipate what might be in store for business and community in the Year of the Rabbit. We held a toast to a successful year ahead, with around 100 Chamber members and guests from across the UK-Japan business community.

British Christmas Market 2022

This year, the BCCJ was pleased to have supported Chamber member British Luxury Brands Group (BLBG) in the roll out of the British Christmas Market 2022, at the Playhouse in Aoyama Tokyo on Sunday, December 11 (11am-5pm). On display and available for purchase was a fine and festive selection of British luxury goods, from unique antiques to tasty liquors and nibbles to get you through the winter hibernation.

2022 BCCJ Cup – Annual Golf Day

After a two-year hiatus, we are pleased to have brought back a crowd favourite and welcomed around 60 golfers from the BCCJ and our wider network, for a leisurely day out on the Jack Nicklaus designed course – one of the most scenic around and, at the same time, easy to play!

British Business Awards 2022

Launched in 2008, the BBA gala celebrates excellence whilst showcasing success and innovation across all industries. The Awards also highlighted the important social contributions made by British and Japanese organisations through their commitment to sustainability, community, and ethical behaviour as well as dealing with the challenges of 2022.

A Night with the Irish – BCCJ/IJCC virtual networking

BCCJ hopes you joined our first-ever virtual networking event hosted with our friends and colleagues at the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce (IJCC).To kick off proceedings, we heard from Ambassador of Ireland to Japan, Paul Kavanagh and BCCJ President David Bickle, closely followed by 3-rounds of speed-networking. To add to the excitement, there was a chance to win some fantastic prizes between sessions as part of our digi-raffle! And for those of you who wished to carry on the mingling, a virtual ni-jikai (afterparty) was set up on an alternate platform from 2000.

Shifting Supply Chains and its Impact on the Indo-Pacific Business Landscape

We hope you joined us on November 17 to deepen your understanding of what it is that’s driving supply chains today and the key challenges facing them, and learn how other business leaders are trying to cope with the ever-shifting state of global supply chains. Our cross-industry panel discussed and shared insights into how the recent changes in supply chains are impacting trade, production, distribution and consumption of goods in the region, what direction this might take in the months and year to come, and most importantly, what this will mean for your business.

European Joint-Chamber Networking 2022

The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan is pleased to announce that it participated in the European Joint-Chamber Networking 2022, which took place on October 18 at The Tokyo EDITION Toranomon.This year’s event will see 14 international Chambers of Commerce in Japan participate in what is sure to be a fantastic and long-awaited night of food, free-flow drinks and networking, so don’t forget those meishi.

Hacking Sustainability for SMEs

On the evening of October 6, the BCCJ, CCCJ and IJCC brought together SMEs with representatives from larger organisations to better understand each others’ sustainability-related challenges, look at examples of approaches that are and are not working, and identify concrete ways in which organisations can work together to improve the outcomes and impact, and support us all in delivering on our sustainability ambitions. The session started with short presentations, followed by facilitated small-group discussions where all participants had the opportunity to share their ideas and challenges and discuss solutions with others.

Human Rights Due Diligence: Japan’s Guidelines to Address Social Impact

Considering this, what expectations are companies facing? What are they being asked to do? What are the perceived challenges and benefits of implementation? And how will this be enforced?

Thank you for joining us for this special virtual event, which featured a keynote speech by Ken Toyoda of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, along with an esteemed panel of experts, where we learned more about HRDD and related guidelines in Japan.

Investing in the UK: Implications of the 2021 National Security and Investment Act

This webinar provided Japanese companies not only with an overview of the NSI Act, but also reflections on its operation more than nine months after coming into effect. We were joined by experts from Herbert Smith Freehills, a leading UK law firm, and FGS Global, a strategic communications and government relations advisor, who provided Japanese companies with an overview of the NSI Act and its impact.

Future Leaders: How to Become a Better Communicator

On September 28, voice and speech coach, Liv Johansson took us through some tips, tricks and techniques to navigate the paraverbal channels of communication. We learned how communication is woven into all aspects of life, effective traits of how business leaders communicate, and how we can develop our own skills.

Small acts, big impacts: Advancing gender equality through micro-actions

The systematised and institutionalised nature of gender inequality in Japan has been intensively addressed by scholars from governmental and cultural perspectives, implying the need for change at both a governmental and organisational level. On the evening of July 26, Sae Oshima will lead a workshop which aims to shed light on an alternative route to address these issues in Japanese society; at an individual level, through our moment-by-moment communicative behaviours in everyday workplace situations.

The Great British Summer Bash 2022

With the sun out, Tokyo is heating up and the echoing ring of ‘atsui desu ne’ can be heard around Japan. This could only mean one thing—the BCCJ’s Great British Summer Bash was due for its grand return following a 2-year break.Enjoy a fine selection of savoury dishes and refreshing beverages followed by a Great British raffle. It’s everything we love about British summers, just without the dreadful weather.

Financing a Greener Future

We hope you joined us for our webinar on Tuesday, July 5, where we welcomed Caroline Haas, Head of Climate and ESG Capital Markets at NatWest Markets, and Bill Gilbert, Innovation Delivery at NatWest Markets, alongside Satoshi Ikeda, Chief Sustainable Finance Officer at the Japan Financial Services Agency. This expert panel discussed recent developments in the ESG and sustainable finance market in Japan and the UK, and the factors behind the recent shift in investor appetite in the APAC region.

A Tale of Two Cities with the Lord Mayor of the City of London

The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) is pleased to have welcomed a panel of experts that delved deep into the relationship between London and Tokyo and the opportunities for future collaboration between the two cities. It’s no secret that Tokyo has had its own aspirations to raise status as a global financial city for a number of decades, albeit with mixed results. What has Tokyo done wrong to hinder these ambitious goals, and what should the city be doing differently in the coming years? How can London and Tokyo work better together going forward?

UK-Japan Fintech Meet-up

The pandemic has not only revealed Japan’s digital vulnerability but also lead to acceleration of plans for digital transformation. (eg. cashless transaction, remote working) over the past two years. In light of these policies and business trends, the Department for International Trade (DIT) Japan hosted, in partnership with JFSA (Japanese Financial Services Agency), our first online Fintech meetup (a pitch session, followed by breakout room discussions) for selected UK fintech companies.

Breaking with Tradition – Kishida’s New Tide on Diplomacy, Capitalism & Japan’s Future

From 1200-1400 on Tuesday, June 28, Andrijana Cvetkovikj (BrioNexus), Kodama Kazuo (Foreign Press Centre), Ken Shibusawa (Brunswick Group; Member of PM Kishida’s Advisory Panel) and Alison Beale (University of Oxford Japan Office) discussed the current state of Japan’s economy and changing shape of politics in Japan and more over an in-person lunch gathering at The Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

Beyond COP26: from discussion to action

On the morning of Tuesday 22 February, BCCJ Executive Committee (Excom) Responsible Business taskforce leader Tove Kinooka sat down with industry leaders to review the key outcomes of COP26, and shared takeaways from the private and public sectors.

This “Beyond COP” series of events is being convened by a coalition of international Chambers of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ, AHK Japan, ANZCCJ, BCCJ, CCCJ, IJCC,) with the aim of promoting understanding of and action on critical climate issues. Pre-COP26, the coalition’s aim was to build awareness and engagement ahead of the conference; the group now moves into review mode, to provide helpful analysis of key conference outcomes, and co-create practical, industry-specific action points for businesses of all sizes.

The Future of Work – Redefining the Workplace & Impact on the Real Estate Market

This 90-minute session was the first of a three-part “Future of Work: Redefining the Workplace” series, focusing on its impact on the real estate market in 2022 and beyond. We hope you to joined us on the morning of June 22 for the hybrid event at the Tokyo EDITION Toranomon for an in-depth breakdown of the future of work, where we were joined by three experts at JLL for what was an unmissable event.

The Future of Batteries in the UK / 英国次世代バッテリー

Global research on next-generation batteries is at an all-time high against the backdrop of an increasing demand for in-vehicle batteries. However, challenges still remain in the future development of batteries – R&D and supply chain challenges, safety issues, and compatibility with existing manufacturing technologies, to name a few.

This online session was targeted towards Japanese companies, introducing them to the latest research and development in the UK around solid-state batteries, sodium-ion batteries, and other next-generation battery technologies, as well as opportunities for joint innovation.

BCCJ Jubilee Day

The highlight for British calendars was set to be a four day UK bank holiday weekend from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 June. The bank holiday will provide an opportunity for communities and people throughout the UK to come together to celebrate the historic milestone. The four days of celebrations included public events and community activities, as well as national moments of reflection on The Queen’s 70 years of service. 

Small is GREAT XVI: Wild Tame – From Zero to a Million

What started off as a one-person vision in 2011 has evolved into a diverse team of bilingual innovators, all passionate about finding the most imaginative ways to tell their clients’ stories. Like the many plants in the jungle-like office, Wild Tame is growing in stature and strength, now reaching annual sales of over £1 million. On the evening of May 18, we heard from the CEO of Wild Tame himself, Joseph Tame.

Corporate Renewable Energy Purchases in Japan: An Update on Status and Options in 2022

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, despite setbacks due to Covid-19, corporations bought a record 31.1 gigawatts of renewable power around the world in 2021, up nearly 24 percent from the previous year’s record of 25.1 gigawatts. Japan also saw record clean-energy certificate issuances in 2021 but, practically speaking, how have renewable-power purchase options changed for corporate consumers in Japan, and what can we expect in 2022 and beyond?

UK Gov Briefing for BCCJ Members: Ukraine

Last Tuesday, March 29, Dan Salter, Political Counsellor at the British Embassy Tokyo, briefed the BCCJ members on the current situation in Ukraine. Taking members through the developments happening on the ground and the actions taken so far by the UK government, as well as comment on the international response to the crisis so far. Specific analysis will also touch upon the Japanese Government’s response, and what future bi- and multi-lateral engagement might entail as the days and weeks go by.

Sustainability Outlook: Trends that Will Shape Our Businesses and Lives in 2022

What key trends will shape the sustainability agenda in 2022? This virtual event was designed to hear from a distinguished group of panellists. During a discussion moderated by ACCJ Sustainability Committee Co-chair/BCCJ Executive Committee member, Heather McLeish, our panellists share their perspectives on the sustainability outlook for 2022 and the implications it may have on businesses and society. They also addressed key points of how to turn sustainability ambitions into reality.

Japan-UK Climate Cooperation Beyond COP26

This event, was organised in partnership with the Embassy of Japan in the UK, will bring together leading experts from both Japan and the UK to consider how the two countries can work towards decarbonisation and advance the broader global climate agenda beyond COP26.

Swing into Spring: BCCJ Networking & EGM 2022

In place of our BCCJ Shinnenkai & EGM 2022, scheduled originally for January 27, we are delighted to invite you and your colleagues to “Swing into Spring: BCCJ Networking and EGM”, signalling a new season and new era for chamber life.

In the evening of March 17 a special in-person networking event was hosted by BCCJ member Prince Hotels in the elegant surroundings of the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa’s Grand Cafe Patio to talk business and make connections!

358 Days Inside the Suga Administration

Currently CEO of Konishi Decorative Arts and Crafts Co., David has served on a number of Japanese government committees over the years, including the Growth Strategy Council, Tourism Strategy Promotion Task Force, and Administrative Reform Council Revenue and Expenditure Reform Working Group, to name a few.Looking specifically at his 358 days in the Suga administration as the then-PM’s special advisor, David addressed some of the misconceptions about how policy decisions are made in Japan provide insights into the challenges of economic policy making in the world’s third largest economy.

International Women’s Day 2022 #BreakTheBias

After opening remarks from Helen Smith, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy Tokyo, Bill Emmott, Chairman of the Japan Society in the UK, will lead the discussion to shed light on where we stand in this sea of bias – in the UK, Japan, and globally. Joined by Andrijana Cvetkovikj, North Asia Director at the Economist Corporate Network, and Yoko Makiguchi, CEO of Revolut Japan, the panel will acknowledge the work already being done in organisations and communities to respond to gender bias, and address what the key roles are for individuals, corporates and governments, in pushing the agenda forward and breaking these biases.

BCCJ EduGroup-Future of Education

The BCCJ EduGroup is designed to bring educators together in person and online to learn, share, and inspire. Through thought leadership and new collaborations, we can bring about changes to how we think about teaching and what future education models could look like.

Looking ahead: Japan and the world 2022

Lingering travel bans and border closures, supply chain bottlenecks, labour shortages, worsened economic inequality, and in Europe and North America a sharp rise in inflation. These are just a few of the pandemic-related disturbances that continue to persist, exacerbated by the newest threat to recovery, Omicron, and by geopolitical tensions. In this Global Forecast session led by Chairman of the Japan Society UK and IISS Bill Emmott, our speakers will pick out the key trends and issues businesses should be bracing for this year.

Beyond COP26: From Discussion to Action  

This “Beyond COP” series of events is being convened by a coalition of international Chambers of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ, AHK Japan, ANZCCJ, BCCJ, CCCJ, IJCC,) with the aim of promoting understanding of and action on critical climate issues. Pre-COP26, the coalition’s aim was to build awareness and engagement ahead of the conference; the group now moves into review mode, to provide helpful analysis of key conference outcomes, and co-create practical, industry-specific action points for businesses of all sizes.

6th Inter-Chamber Ski Race

Winter sport lovers will notice that this coincides with the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing and we hope to get some digital exposure to the games during our retreat.Members, friends and families of foreign chambers of commerce retreat for a friendly race and a great evening networking party into the mountains of Niigata.With more than 120 people having attended, this is one of the largest inter-chamber weekend retreat in Japan. While organized by foreign chambers in Japan, half the attendees are usually Japanese, the other half are foreign nationals. Families, partners and children were also welcome!

BCCJ Digi-Shinnenkai 2022

In this condensed 45-minute interactive session, the BCCJ team  lifts the curtain on their plans and aspirations for the year ahead, and encourages members to have their say in shaping the BCCJ Programme for 2022. This is an opportunity to hear from BCCJ Executive Committee President and Taskforce leaders, and to catch up with both new and familiar faces online.


British Christmas Market

This year, the BCCJ joined forces with Chamber member the British Luxury Brands Group (BLBG) who rolled out the British Christmas Market at the Playhouse in Aoyama Tokyo last December 12 (Sunday). On display, a fine and festive selection of member goodies, from diamonds and luxury goods, to tasty liquors and nibbles to get anyone through the winter hibernation.

Having had an exciting line up of a fantastic selection of goods from BCCJ members and supporters such as Diamdel Inc., H&I, Suki Tea (Invest Northern Ireland), Swan & Lion, Whisk-e, Wimbledon Brewery, The Cactus Lady, Brompton, Phoenix House Internatonal School, Wedgewood, and many more!



From surviving to thriving: building a brighter future

Talk thus far has largely focused on how we survive in a warmer, less predictable and more hostile world, but what if we reframe the conversation to focus instead on how we can thrive – surely a more attractive prospect?

Last November 30, the BCCJ together with globally recognised Cambridge “pracademic” and prolific author Dr Wayne Visser, will draw on the “possibilist” thinking and practices outlined in his upcoming book: Thriving: The Breakthrough Movement to Regenerate Nature, Society, and the Economy.


BCCJ Breakfast Club I, II, and III (In-Person Event)

BCCJ Breakfast Club I, II, and III are the three fully in-person events held by the BCCJ. BCCJ members were able to have exclusive access to Shangri La Tokyo, ANA InterContinental Tokyo, and Conrad Tokyo’s luxurious pavilions. Members have been invited to join us for a plated breakfast with new and familiar faces, whilst enjoying stunning views of the city.

Each of our Breakfasts have been loosely themed around one of our BCCJ 5.0 pillars each event: Digi-Tech Innovation, Responsible Business, Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

British Business Awards

The best of UK-Japan relations, as well as British excellence, innovation, diversity, entrepreneurship and responsible business contributions in Japan were recognised last night at the 2021 British Business Awards (BBA2021) – a hybrid black-tie gala event live streamed from the British Embassy Tokyo.

Organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ), with award winners chosen by a panel of six independent judges from the worlds of business, sports, government, and media, the BBA is now considered a unique yearly showcase for British creativity, culture and commerce.

Driven by the theme of “TRANSFORM THE NORM”, this year’s BBA highlighted some of the most impressive and innovative contributions made by UK-Japan-related organisations over the past twelve months, including responses to the continued challenges posed by the pandemic.

Black History Month

October marked Black History Month (BHM) in the UK. The event was officially recognised by the US government in 1976, and first celebrated in the UK in 1987.

People from African and Caribbean backgrounds have been a fundamental part of British history for centuries. Black History Month gives everyone the opportunity to share, celebrate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture.

This year, for the first time, the BCCJ was very pleased to mark Black History Month.

Led by members of the BCCJ’s DEI (Diversity Equality Inclusion) taskforce, the chamber celebrated black Brits currently doing business in Japan and showcased learnings from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) networks across BCCJ member organisations.

サステナブルリーダーシップ 特別講座ケンブリッジ大学ケンブリッジ大学サステナブルリーダーシップ



Two sides of the climate coin

With the world’s hopes pinned on greater global action on climate change at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) hosted “Two Sides of The Climate Coin,” on October 28.

Addressing how to tackle the complex issues related to the global climate crisis, the webinar featured speaker Wai-Shin Chan, Global Head of HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence and ESG Research, and was moderated by Heather McLeish, Director, EY Japan, and member of the BCCJ’s Responsible Business Taskforce.

In August 2021, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres declared a “code red for humanity,” noting that the internationally agreed threshold of 1.5˚C above pre-industrial levels of global heating was “perilously close.”

Mobilising private and public finance is seen as crucial for governments to achieve the ambitious emission reduction targets suggested by COP26 President Alok Sharma. UN Special Envoy on Climate Action Mark Carney has estimated $100trn (£74trn) will be required over the next three decades to decarbonise.

SMEs – What Can We Achieve Together?

On October 21, BCCJ members were invited to learn more about the support offered to both Japanese and foreign SMEs by SMECA in the Tokyo area, including

(1) Business diagnosis, consultancy, and advice
(2) Education and training
(3) Regional development
(4) Subsidy application support
(5) Business partnership matching and building

This was a casual discussion between WBS and BCCJ members to better understand the key issues faced by foreign SMEs in Japan. The WBS Group explained how they can support, specifically with market entry strategies, building market presence, cultural differences in doing business, building partnerships, and understanding the specific regulatory and market environment of Japan.

Hacking Cyber: Securing Your Workplace in the Digital Era

The August webinar in the Future of Work series hosted on August 12th by the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) was cybersecurity. Entitled “Hacking Cyber: Securing Your Workplace in the Digital Era,” the event featured cyber experts who explored what organisations can do to protect themselves from cyberattacks and how they should respond if an attack occurs.

Kicking off the session was Darren Goff, director of trade and investment, Japan, and deputy trade commissioner, North East Asia, who outlined the UK government’s cyber sector activity, including with Japan.

The classification of cyberattacks as a Tier 1 national security threat and investment of £1.9bn to develop cybersecurity capability during the course of the UK’s National Security Strategy (2016–2021) are evidence of cybersecurity’s high priority for the UK government, according to Goff.

And now what? Japan’s general election

A day after the LDP election, on September 30, the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan and The Japan Society of the UK co-hosted a webinar examining the party leadership battle and its implications for Japan and the world.

Hosted by former editor-in-chief of The Economist and Chair of The Japan Society Bill Emmott, the expert panel featured journalist Keiko Iizuka of Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun and Seiji Inada, Japan country representative at Eurasia Group.

Introducing the event, Emmott noted that Kishida “like so many predecessors is the scion of a political dynasty, who went to primary school in Queens in New York, and who served as foreign minister in [former Japanese Prime Minister] Shinzo Abe’s second government from 2012. Kishida has been described in the media as a continuity candidate, a safe pair of hands to guide the party into the coming lower house election, despite being less popular with voters than his chief rival, Taro Kono.”

Reflections on the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics with Gold Medalist Sophie Pascoe

The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan co-hosted an online fireside chat with award-winning para-swimmer Sophie Pascoe in September, following her medal-winning performance at Tokyo 2020 that saw her scoop two golds, a silver and a bronze.

New Zealand’s most decorated Paralympian and five-time Sportsperson with a Disability spoke to members and friends of the Japan Paralliance, a coalition of 20 international chambers of commerce in Japan committed to fostering a Games legacy of more inclusive communities and embracing opportunities for international business and exchange.

Pascoe shared details of her long and challenging road to Tokyo 2020 and discussed how the world can maximise on the legacy of the Paralympics to raise awareness of issues around disability.

Welcome Wednesdays – Meet the New BCCJ Members

The BCCJ is committed to keeping you plugged into our ever-evolving network, always with your business growth in mind.

On September 15, we invited members to join us for a meet and greet with our newest Chamber members. This 1-hour Zoom session provided an opportunity to learn about companies who’ve recently joined the BCCJ business network, exchange cross-industry perspectives, and connect over mutual interests.

Our newest members include:

A.K.I. Japan Ltd
Alexander Mann Solutions KK
Avidbots Corporation
Chateau School
CJ Partners
Hawkshead Relish Co Ltd
Innovacell KK
PTS Japan KK
Samarkand Global Japan KK
systemsGo Corporation
Vega Japan

Leveraging Digital Innovation to Achieve Net Zero in Asia

The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan was delighted to be a supporting partner for an Asia House led event, which brought together policymakers and business leaders to explore how the digital revolution can support Asia’s net-zero transition. We were joined by Raffaele Mauro Petriccione, the European Commission’s Director-General for Climate Action; Ampy Aswin, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics Industry Solutions APAC, Google Cloud; David Wallerstein,  Chief eXploration Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, Tencent; and Peter Lacy, Accenture’s Chief Responsibility Officer & Global Sustainability Services Lead, and discussed the role of digital innovation in reducing carbon emissions across Asia.

A Night with the Irish – BCCJ/IJCC virtual networking

It’s September, which means it’s time for our annual Night with the Irish! This year, the BCCJ welcomed guest to join this virtual networking event hosted with our friends and colleagues at the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce (IJCC).

To kick off proceedings, we heard from Ambassador of Ireland to Japan, Paul Kavanagh and BCCJ President David Bickle, followed by 3-rounds of speed-networking.

We had some fantastic prizes on offer in between the networking rounds, and for those who wished to carry on with the mingling, a virtual niji-kai (afterparty) was held  on an alternate platform which started at 20:00.

Reaching Net Zero and The Road to COP26 – with UK Minister for Exports, Graham Stuart

On the morning of Thursday, 9 September, the BCCJ was very pleased to have the opportunity to welcome the UK’s Minister for Exports Graham Stuart, who provided an overview of the priorities and goals of COP26 and offered views on progress so far.

At this session, representatives from the BCCJ Executive Committee’s Responsible Business taskforce, Tove Kinooka (Global Perspectives) and Kentaro Kiso (Barclays), sat down with Minister Stuart to discuss the roles that governments, businesses and civil society have to play in achieving carbon neutrality and other indicators outlined by COP26.

The conversation focused on three key themes: reaching net zero, green finance, and enabling environments.

One of Minister Stuart’s priorities is to challenge and encourage businesses to take a higher ambition on the climate agenda, and to encourage the private sector to work towards a more conducive enabling environment for clean growth.

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. The Impact of the Tokyo Paralympics in 1964 and 2021 event overview

On August 23 we were joined by Dr. Mark Bookman, historian of disability in Japanese and global contexts at the University of Tokyo. He is using the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, which took place between August 24–September 5, as well as the 1964 Paralympics as case studies to explain how activists and legislation have both failed and succeeded to point a way forward for people with an impairment, who, according to the United Nations, make up 15% of the world’s population. And if you believe there is a correlation between ageing and impairment, then that number is actually closer to 100% of those who make it into their golden years. Indeed, with old age on the horizon, the day may come when you also need improved access.

The event featured a presentation, a live Q&A , and an opportunity to network in three breakout networking rooms, each led by a Paralympic athlete. Thank you to all those who attended and allowed this event to be as phenomenal as it was!

Get Your Affairs in Order – Inheritance Tax & Gift Tax in Japan

For British nationals residing in Japan, navigating the nation’s gift and inheritance taxes has never been more important, particularly amid the global coronavirus pandemic. The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) therefore kicked off the first in its new event series on Estate Planning, on August 4.

In a webinar entitled, “Get Your Affairs In Order: Inheritance Tax & Gift Tax,” experts from PwC Japan provided an overview of Japanese gift and inheritance taxes, and addressed issues concerning inheritance and wills, all of which is relevant to anyone living in Japan.

Future of Work: Post-Covid Boards

Post-Covid boards was the theme of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s second webinar of its new series, Future of Work: Building Back Better. Held on July 28, the event was supported by the Financial Times Board Director Programme, which helps aspiring and existing board members to accelerate their board careers and develop board-level skills.

The panellists discussed how corporate boards have responded to the challenges of the pandemic and drew on their experience in Japan and globally to offer insights on board operations as the world emerges from Covid-19.

BCCJ Virtual Tea-Time 11: Travel

Summer is here, and as Japan prepares to debut its vaccination passports, business travellers and foreign residents may soon have new options for freedom of movement across borders. Are you planning to somehow escape the summer heat – elsewhere in Japan or overseas – or play it safe and stay home under the air conditioner? For our 12th Virtual Tea-Time session, we want to hear your thoughts on this week’s theme, ‘travel’.


BCCJ Virtual Tea-Time sessions are designed to be a safe online space where you can drop by to share your thoughts, ideas, and take a break from the daily grind. We welcome colleagues from your organisation to join and meet the Chamber team as well as other BCCJ members. Any UK-fans in your midst? This is a great opportunity to engage in some light networking, in English. All members are welcome to join at any time during the hour, whether that’s for 5 minutes, or 50.  Turn your camera off or on, speak, or just listen in, and enjoy some light relief with us. No prior notice required!

BCCJ Virtual Tea-Time 11: Olympics

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics opening ceremony is scheduled to take place on 23 July 2021, from 2000-2300 JST. The mood around the Games is still uncertain.

Organisers have promised an Olympics that looks and feels different than previous Summer Games. Safety measures such as a ban on shouting, high-fives and alcohol have been implemented, while authorities are encouraging ticket holders to head straight home from the venues. The audience will be largely domestic, with numbers capped at 10,000 spectators, or 50% capacity. As more regulations are expected to surface during the build-up, we invite you to join us for our 11th Virtual Tea-Time, where we will discuss one of the most debated topics of the past few years, the Olympics. What are your thoughts?

BCCJ Virtual Tea-Time 10: Vaccinations

Japan’s COVID-19 vaccine roll out is ramping up.

Companies with more than 1000 employees are given the opportunity to organise their own vaccination efforts. Meanwhile, companies with fewer than 1000 employees are invited by the Japanese Government to join forces, possibly in association with chambers of commerce, to source innoculation venues, and medical personnel, and gather at least 1000 “patients” to be vaccinated. Gov JP will in turn provide refrigeration units and vaccines free of charge.

At our next Tea-Time, we will discuss how organisations and individuals are approaching the swiftly-evolving situation above.




  • EdTech
  • 職業訓練・キャリアアップ教育
  • 英語教育‐業界に特化した英語学習の分野での新しい教育・評価方法

Lights, Camera, Action: How to up Your Zoom Game

If like a large majority of the population you’re mainly working from home, it’s likely that video conferencing has become a key part of your day. The Zoom platform currently hosts 300 million daily meeting participants. That’s an increase of 2900% since December 31, 2019 when just 10m were logging on. With so much business communication being done through a camera lens these days, it seems obvious that we should have received training in how to broadcast our best selves to the world. Blurry backgrounds, half-lit faces and cat filters, however, show us that’s not been the case. Hosted by Chloe Potter

Welcome Wednesdays – Meet the New BCCJ Members

Missing the chance to network with new faces? The BCCJ is committed to keeping you plugged into our ever-evolving business network. On June 2, you’re invited to join us for a meet and greet with our newest Chamber members.

ESG Disclosures: Tackling Legal and Business Challenges & Avoiding the Pitfalls of Greenwashing

Around the globe, governments, investors, and stakeholders are demanding greater accountability and transparency about corporate environmental and social performance. This is largely being driven by investors pursuing an environmental and social dividend from their investment, as well as corporate strategies designed to ensure the enduring resilience of their social license to operate. Despite efforts to provide useful and meaningful information related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues of a company, challenges remain.

The Kyoto Distillery Experience: A Masterclass in Gin

Join us on April 8 as we visit the gin brand that sparked a ‘Japanese gin revolution’: we’ll be at The Kyoto Distillery’s House of KI NO BI for a masterclass with a twist…

Not ready to mix in person? Then take your mixing to the liqueur cabinet as we shake, stir and sip our way to gin mastery for our latest BCCJ Quaran-time Masterclass. All good things come in threes, and on that note, House of KI NO BI manager, Marcy Sakuma will be taking us through the 3 gin expressions with our host for the day, Chris Broad of YouTube channel, Abroad in Japan. Following the tasting, we will dive senses first into an interactive cocktail-making session followed by a live Q&A.

Unconscious Bias – How it affects us more than we know

Unconscious bias can affect our decisions in all areas of life, but especially in the workplace. Influences such as our background, experiences and environmental conditions can all play a part in shaping our choices, whether we realise it or not.

But do you really understand the implications of “unconscious bias” and how it impacts your own day to day life, as well as working relationships with people around you? Are you aware of your own biases and the biases of those around you, and why they manifest themselves in the first place? These are some of the areas we will be digging in to, and by the end of the session, we hope that you are better positioned to recognise and counteract your biases.

Sustainability in Careers: Working for a better tomorrow

When talking about building towards a better future, one word is never far from earshot, and that is ‘Sustainability’. We see the word at the core of so many defining themes and issues, from reducing our environmental impact, to adapting and innovating new business strategies to better address key topics like biodiversity and D&I. It frequents conversations set by governments and businesses alike, brought to the forefront of a new type of consumer or client, who cares about the ethics of where products come from, the underlining principles of how decisions are made, and the overall way in which a company operates in the social, ecological and economic environment.

The BCCJ’s Not at the Pub Quiz II

On popular demand, the BCCJ’s Pub Quiz is back for a second bout, on a mission to fill your hunger for trivia, and thirst for a tasty beverage. We may not be able to offer you an ale-drenched answer sheet, or a wise-looking pub dog watching from the corner, but we can do our best to make the picture round as blurry as possible and fill up a room of people you half recognise.

This year, we will once again be quizzing with a purpose, to support two fantastic charities we wholeheartedly support:

  • C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust
  • Place to Grow

International Women’s Day: Women in Trade

To mark International Women’s Day, on Monday 8th March from 1230-1330, the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan and the British Embassy Tokyo will host a discussion on the challenges facing women in business and trade, both in the UK and Japan. This discussion is especially pertinent given the UK and Japanese Governments’ recent renewed commitment to Women’s Economic Empowerment in a standalone chapter of the new Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) which came into force earlier this year. The event will provide a forum to discuss current challenges; share best practice; and explore potential solutions for both the UK and Japan.

Post-event round-up: HERE

Partnering with Japan: Spring ’21 Free Trade Agreement series, launch event

There has never been a better time to do business with Japan. Since January the UK has a new Free Trade Agreement with the world’s third-largest economy, opening even more opportunities for UK companies to forge partnerships and generate new business in this dynamic Asian country.

Marking this exciting new chapter in trading relations between the UK and Japan, the Department for International Trade with the support of the British and UK Chambers is delighted to announce a series of business-focused UK-Japan Trade Missions, to be run over the spring. Join the free launch event on March 2 with Minister for Exports, Graham Stuart, and leading figures from UK companies.

Business and economic conditions after Covid – where are we headed?

Dare we start to think of a post-Covid world? It dominated 2020 and as we start 2021 in lockdown, Covid is still very much with us, and even with vaccination programmes and lockdowns, is proving a stubborn enemy. But life has gone on – a new PM in Japan, and a new President in the US, as well as progress in the UK`s relationship with Europe. Away from politics, it has not all been miserable news – there’s an impressive resilience to many businesses, and indeed to the Japanese, regional and global economies. So many changes and so much turbulence – but there are some conclusions which can be drawn and predictions to be made.

Online Lecture by Former Ambassador to the UK Mr Koji Tsuruoka

Mr Koji Tsuruoka started his career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in 1976 after graduating from the University of Tokyo (Faculty of Law). He has held various posts, including Director of the Foreign Policy Bureau and Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs. In 2013 he took the post of Principal Negotiator of the Japanese Government’s TTP Headquarters in the Cabinet Secretariat Office. He represented the Japanese Government in concluding various treaties, including an agreement with WTO (World Trade Organisation).

HMA Paul Madden CMG’s Virtual Send off

Paul Madden CMG, UK Ambassador to Japan since 2017, will be finishing his four-year term in February 2021. After regrettably having to cancel our in-person farewell in January, BCCJ members are invited to join us virtually on 16 February to give the Ambassador the send off that he so rightly deserves!

This will be Ambassador Madden’s last chance to speak with BCCJ members before heading back to the UK, so we ask that you join us in reminiscing over his time here, and thanking him for his tireless efforts in strengthening UK-Japan relations.

Post-event round-up: HERE

RICS Global Commercial Property Monitor: What’s Next for Japan?

Almost a year since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, its scarring on the global economy is still very much apparent. Topped with record-high spikes in cases across Europe and the US, followed by the threat of a no-deal Brexit looming, as well as hopeful prospects of mass vaccination and the postponed Olympic and Paralympic Games, 2021 is full of uncertainty. So how does this translate to the global property market, and its outlook for 2021? On January 28, RICS Senior Economist Sean Ellison will share insights from RICS’s latest Global Commercial Property Monitor, comparing how Japanese property is performing relative to other key markets in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, and how global property is expected to perform throughout the coming year.

Post-event round-up: HERE

BCCJ Masterclass: Teams by DESIGN with Sarah Furuya

We’re always in relationship with people and events around us. In the workplace, groups, and families–these relationship systems all have a life of their own, as well as the individuals in them. You can tap into the innate intelligence that your relationships have without even having the people involved be there. How? BY DESIGN.

When planning our lives and goals, we often forget that we’re part of a vast relationship system. We rarely take the time to plan our relationship systems by design. Hot spots occur, conflict arises and roles get confused. In this Masterclass, we will go through a process of identifying and designing our most important relationships, discovering how we can draw on emotional and other forms of intelligence to imagine and envisage the best possible relationships in our personal lives with those we naturally gravitate towards, and even those we don’t.

In this session, you will learn a simple and effective tool for tapping into the intelligence of your close relationships.

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The Biodiversity Crisis and the Corporate Response

Human development has had catastrophic effects on biodiversity and while the world has woken up to the climate challenge, dealing with the problem we have made in destroying the natural world around us is off to a slower start. Change is coming though, and governments, NGOs, and companies are putting in place a regulatory regime and best practices to restore the world we need.

The BCCJ has Responsible Business as one of its key pillars. We are grateful to Refinitiv for their support and guidance in putting on this event. Together, we believe that Biodiversity is one of the most important challenges we face, and that our members are directly affected and will want – or be forced to – take action. This is your chance to get on board.

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BCCJ Virtual Town Hall Meeting – Our Year in Review

The BCCJ would like to invite all members to participate in our Virtual Town Hall Meeting on December 17. We will hear from BCCJ President, David Bickle who will reflect on events from the past year, and answer questions from Chamber members. We will also be hearing from our three taskforce leads, Tove Kinooka (Responsible business), Sven Palys (Diversity and inclusion) and Richard Thornley (Digital tech and innovation) on happenings from within our three pillars, and plans for the remainder of this Chamber year.


Education 2020: Crisis Driven Change

This event is in collaboration with the RSA and Talk Education Tokyo.

Uncertainty has prevailed for educational organisations across the world throughout this year. The impact of COVID-19 on education has been profound. With school and university campus closures, online and hybrid learning systems have been rapidly proliferating. The challenges and frustrations have been immense and can be palpably seen on the faces of educators, educational leaders and parents worldwide!

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ACCJ-BCCJ Virtual Networking

We may be dealing with a global pandemic, but who says you can’t continue enjoying networking events! On November 17, we are teaming up with our friends and colleagues at The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) to toast the ‘Special Relationship’ and foster new business connections as we engage in an hour of speed networking.

Worry not about leaving your meishi tin in the office, as we will once again be bringing you this event online. There will also be a live raffle with some truly great prizes up for grabs courtesy of both Chambers (all participants automatically entered at no extra cost).

British Business Awards 2020

The British Business Awards (BBA) is back. One of the most prestigious accolades a company can receive, this year’s Awards is here to recognise endeavour, achievements and resilience showcased by the UK-Japan business community.

This year, the BCCJ team is going above and beyond to deliver an outstanding and lively event, for the first time ever in an entirely digital format. Expect A-list speakers, video entertainment and all the thrills and spills that make this THE event of the UK-Japan business calendar year, and one you, your colleagues and friends do not want to miss. And better yet, you won’t be judged on donning your finest pair of slippers to a black-tie gala.

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In Conversation with UK-Japan FTA Chief Negotiator, Graham Zebedee

The UK Government has finalised a free trade agreement (FTA) with Japan, the first major trade deal made by the UK since it left the EU. The Department for International Trade (DIT) stating: “Government analysis shows that a deal with Japan will deliver a £15.2 billion boost to the UK economy.” The UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement was agreed in principle by International Trade Secretary Liz Truss and Japan’s Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu on a video call on Friday 11 September, and will be officially signed on the day of this event, October 23.

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The Role of Rolls-Royce: Technological Leaps to Net Zero

We live in a world that is constantly changing, for better and for worse. For the better, we have the rapid development of emerging technologies – Artificial Intelligence and 5G to name a couple; and for the worse, we now face the daunting reality of climate change. The question is whether humanity can harness this digital revolution to find new ways of solving these environmental challenges.

One organisation that is committed to this challenge is Rolls-Royce. While governments, businesses and individuals heed the warnings of climate scientists by leveraging frontier technologies to engineer new solutions to address climate change, it is no secret that one of the biggest culprits is carbon-based emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect. As part of the UN Race to Zero campaign, Rolls-Royce has pledged to achieve net zero carbon in their operations by 2050, and will play a leading role in enabling the sectors in which they operate to reach this goal by developing new products and technologies. On Tuesday, October 20 we welcome Paul Stein, Chief Technology Officer of Rolls-Royce PLC. to take us along their net zero carbon journey.

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A Night with the Irish – BCCJ/IJCC virtual networking

It’s that time of year again! BCCJ welcomes you to join our first-ever virtual networking event hosted with our friends and colleagues at the Ireland Japan Chamber of Commerce (IJCC).

To kick off proceedings, we will hear from Ambassador of Ireland to Japan, Paul Kavanagh and BCCJ President David Bickle, closely followed by 3-rounds of speed-networking. To add to the excitement, there will be a chance to win some fantastic prizes between sessions as part of our digi-raffle! And for those of you who wish to carry on the mingling, a virtual ni-jikai (afterparty) will be set up on an alternate platform from 2000.

Doing Business in Japan (Market Opportunities and Insights)

On September 11, the UK Government announced it had secured a free trade agreement (FTA) with Japan, the first major trade deal made by the UK since it left the EU. The Department for International Trade (DIT) stating: “Government analysis shows that a deal with Japan will deliver a £1.5 billion boost to the UK economy.” With the new trade agreement arrives a new opportunity to strengthen business ties and shape a progressive business relationship between the UK and Japan.

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What are you really saying?

We all know that the body speaks, but what is its language and how can we get better at using it? In this session, Tania Coke (artistic director of Tarinainanika Corporeal Mime Theatre Company) will give you a crash course in corporeal expression. The aim is to make you more aware of the role of the body in communication, and the power you have to express yourself and relate to others in any situation.

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Travel and Tourism Think Tank II – Tourism and Resilience

The BCCJ is delighted to announce our second Travel and Tourism Think Tank. This is an interactive event designed to embrace diverse opinions, incubate new perspectives and fresh ideas, and encourage new industry connections with participants looking to make a positive impact on the future of tourism in Japan.

Join us on September 15th when we will be joined by 8 panellists covering the span of the travel and tourism sector in Japan to answer all these questions and more. The session will be broken down into the following 2 sections, with participants invited to put on their thinking caps and participate in breakout groups.

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A Prime Minister and his Legacy

Japan will soon have a new Prime Minister following Mr Abe’s record breaking stint in office. Mr Abe won three Lower House elections and became a familiar figure internationally – in itself, an unusual achievement for a Japanese Prime Minister. His Abenomics programme and the Three Arrows promised much – but what did they really achieve and how will history judge this interesting figure? And what happens next – where do his successors propose to lead Japan?

Our guest today is Tobias Harris, Executive Vice President and Japan analyst in Washington, DC, for Teneo Intelligence. His biography ‘The Iconoclast: Shinzo Abe and the New Japan‘ was published by Hurst on 27 August and has been very well received.

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics 1 Year to Go! – A Discussion with the International Paralympic Committee

August 24 (Monday), 20:00 will mark exactly one year to go until the start of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics in 2021. The British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) alongside our Paralliance partners invite you to hear from President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Mr Andrew Parsons, as well as IPC Chief Brand & Communications Officer, Mr Craig Spence and IPC Governing Board Member at Large and President of the Japanese Paralympic Committee, Mr Yasushi Yamawaki.

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BCCJ Responsible Business Forum | Planet

The impact of the Covid-19 has been savage. It has scarred global economies and affected people’s livelihoods in unprecedented ways. Perhaps one of the few silver linings we have seen is a significant decline in harmful emissions; NASA photos captivating the public with just how fast and visible change could be.

Join us for our first session, Decarbonization: Business & Planet; an online interactive panel discussion and brainstorming session led by experts at FTSE Russell, Renewable Japan, and Rio Tinto, where we will talk about the effects of decarbonization on our planet, what different companies are doing to reduce their carbon footprint, what challenges they are seeing, and how they are tackling them.

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The Future of British Business in Asia

Buffeted by Covid; Brexit looming; unpredictable politics. There’s certainly no shortage of big picture uncertainty for British business in Asia. Add to that an ever-developing customer base, whether B2B or B2C, technological change which can disrupt and develop, expectations of companies going beyond profits into areas of social and climate responsibility and employees whose priorities are those of different generations, and the background for British business in Asia over the next few years has plenty going on.

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BCCJ Quaran-time Masterclass | Take Better Photos of People

Click, click, click – we are all snapping away every day on our phones. There’s so much technology packed into them that the results can be stunning. But it isn’t just the finger over the lens mistake we all make – there are countless ways in which we can improve our smartphone photos. Today we’ll hear from professional photographer Antony Tran of Life.14 on what makes better pictures of people and fully utilise the technology in our pockets.

Cyber Insecurity – Just How Safe is Your Organisation?

What steps can your organisation do avoid a data breach and keep employees safe? What pitfalls should you be looking out for? To what extent can a cyber-negligence disrupt your operations? And what industry transformations can we expect, as companies continue to become ever-more reliant on their digital infrastructure? Join us on July 9 when we will be joined by representatives of Barclays, Nihon Cyber Defence, NHS Digital Board and METI to discuss all of this and more, and learn practical steps to keep your organisation secure in the face of cyber warfare.

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World Economic Series – Rebooting the World Economy – Japan

The World Economic Series is delighted to invite BCCJ members to join a MTG style webinar looking at rebooting Japan’s economy in light of the devastating impact as a result of COVID-19. Joining us will be a host of global leaders and business people who we will draw perspectives from, including Ambassador of the UK to Japan, Paul Madden CMG. We will also be hearing from Ambassador of Japan to the UK, HR Yasumasa Nagamine and Digital & Technology Advisor to the Government of Japan, Naoki Ota.

This event will be chaired by The Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell

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BCCJ SME Round Table

Welcome to the BCCJ’s SME Round Table, an open forum for those looking to empower, connect, share with and learn from their fellow peers in Japan. Through coming together, we hope to facilitate a support network where common solutions are explored together, keeping your business moving in the right direction. 

Each attendee will have the opportunity to speak on their business challenges, and gain feedback and insights from other experienced professionals. If you don’t have anything you wish to share, that is fine too. Just bring yourself, a drink (optional) and enjoy an informal discussion, acting as a basis for individuals and organisations to develop and grow.

Whether you are facing difficulties from Covid (who isn’t) or you have longer term challenges – maybe sourcing finance, finding the right local partner, building channels, dealing with demanding customers or any of the other challenges all business face – this is a forum to share and learn.

Back to Work, Back to Better Work

On May 25, the Japanese government cautiously declared the state of emergency over in Japan’s remaining prefectures. For businesses, this has opened up a transitional period as companies determine when and how they resume operations, returning to a ‘new normal’.

After seven weeks navigating the steep learning curve of Covid – embracing new digital infrastructure, providing clarity in leadership, adopting new communication strategies with our workforce/clients – businesses in Japan have arrived at a pivot point where they now must consider the reverse fixture.

And perhaps Covid does have a silver lining. There’s talk in Japan of abandoning the hanko system, perhaps even the fax machine; baby steps out of the Showa era maybe, but surely long overdue. What other changes are possible, and how should organisations identify, prioritise and implement them?

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Is COVID an economic disaster for Japan?

The streets are empty, the tourists have stopped coming, consumer and business confidence have both collapsed – it all looks grim for Japan. Hit by a collapse in global and domestic demand, with supply chains disrupted and no certainty on when the crisis will abate let alone what shape recovery will look like, Japan has a whole series of problems to contend with. Add to that a volatile global political leadership and the stress levels rise still further.

How to make sense of all of this and think about Japan’s prospects?


BCCJ Digital Genral Meeting 2020

How has the BCCJ performed over the past 12 months? What value have we delivered for you and our 200+ member companies? And meet the Executive Committee who will lead the Chamber through this next year – one which is bound up with opportunities to enhance the UK-Japan relationship.


The evening’s formal agenda includes:

  • Update from British Ambassador to Japan, Paul Madden CMG
  • Receipt of the Chairman’s Annual Report
  • Receipt of the Statement of Accounts (unaudited)
  • Introduction of 2020-2021 BCCJ Executive Committee

Post-event round-up: