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The world is changing. And so too is education. The BCCJ EduGroup is designed to bring educators together in person and online to learn, share, and inspire. Through thought leadership and new collaborations, we can bring about changes to how we think about teaching and what future education models could look like.

The mission of the BCCJ EduGroup is to support closer links between industry and academia.

If you would like to learn more/get involved in the BCCJ EduGroup, email us at [email protected],we would love to hear from you!

世界が絶えず変化するように、教育も変わっていく。 BCCJ EduGroupは対面またはオンラインで、地域の教育者に学びや共有、お互いに刺激し合える環境を提供します。リーダーシップと新たなコラボレーションによって、教育観や未来の教育モデルへ向けて不可欠な変化をもたらします。BCCJ EduGroupにご興味がお有りの方、参加を希望する方は [email protected],までご連絡をお待ちしております。


Past Events

Entering the new era of British education in Japan

British education is thriving in Japan, with a number of prestigious institutions establishing new campuses in the biggest expansion in UK education in the country since 2018. We invited headmasters and principles of multiple British schools in Tokyo to share unique points a British education system can provide.

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The internationalisation of Japanese universities

Explaining the rationale behind Japan’s internationalisation drive, Kuni Sato, director of the Office for International Planning at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), said internationalisation is key to improving the nation’s links with the world. “Japan is facing an ageing society, so to activate not only economic activity but also society, we need to be connected with international society,” he said.

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Education 2020: Crisis Driven Change

Uncertainty has prevailed for educational organisations across the world throughout this year. The impact of COVID-19 on education has been profound. With school and university campus closures, online and hybrid learning systems have been rapidly proliferating. The challenges and frustrations have been immense and can be palpably seen on the faces of educators, educational leaders and parents worldwide!


BCCJ Edu-Group Members and Partners

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