“Our goal is to strengthen business ties between the UK and Japan, promote and support the business interests of all our members.”


Established in 1948, the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ, 在日英国商業会議所) is an exceptionally active and ever-expanding not-for-profit private membership organisation serving almost 1000 high-calibre members representing over 200 companies, via nine communications channels.

Open to members of all nationalities, we offer high-value events, productive networking and promotional opportunities, valuable information services, and access to influential institutions and individuals.

President & Executive Committee

Introducing our Executive Committee (Excom) for BCCJ year 2020-2021.

David Bickle

Partner, Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. (BCCJ President / BCCJ Diversity & Inclusion)

Alison Beale

Director, University of Oxford Japan (BCCJ Vice-President / BCCJ Digi-tech Innovation)

James Dodds

Partner, KPMG (BCCJ Treasurer / BCCJ Digi-tech Innovation)

Iain Ferguson

President & Chief Operating Officer, Lloyd’s Japan Inc. (BCCJ Responsible Business)

Ken Katayama

Individual Member (BCCJ Digi-tech Innovation)

Tove Kinooka

Director, Global Perspectives K.K. (BCCJ Responsible Business)

Kentaro Kiso

President and Representative Director, Barclays Securities Japan Limited (BCCJ Responsible Business)

Junko Kubokawa

Representative Director, President, Croda Japan (BCCJ Diversity & Inclusion)

Paul Lirette

President and Representative Director, GlaxoSmithKline K.K (BCCJ Diversity & Inclusion)

Richard Lyle

VP Trade & FDI, Intralink KK (BCCJ Responsible Business)

Heather McLeish

Director, EY Japan (BCCJ Responsible Business)

Sven Palys

Founder & Co-CEO, Yuzu Kyodai (BCCJ Diversity & Inclusion)

Reiko Sakimura

Partner, Clifford Chance Law Office (BCCJ Diversity & Inclusion)

Richard Thornley CBE

Individual member (BCCJ Digi-tech Innovation)

Haruhiko Tsuyukubo

President, Rolls-Royce Japan Co., Ltd. (BCCJ Digi-tech Innovation)

Chris Heffer

Department for International Trade, British Embassy Tokyo (Ex officio)

Matt Knowles

British Council Director for Japan (Ex officio)

BCCJ Staff

Lori Henderson

Executive Director

As Executive Director of the BCCJ, Lori Henderson is responsible for the leadership, general management, and communications strategy of the organisation.

She is an active advocate for Diversity and Inclusion, responsible business and talent pool development in Japan, with a particular view towards the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

Lori will be taking maternity leave from mid-February 2020.

Sam Maddicott

Membership & Marketing

Sam is responsible for membership and marketing at the BCCJ, delivering up-to-date communications across 8 digital channels, working to serve members needs efficiently. A background in digital marketing has seen Sam deliver projects for a range of companies, from Japanese start-ups to high profile global clients such as Goldman Sachs and Guru Navi. Sam specializes in SEO, Content Strategy, Video Production.

Sanae Samata

Operations Manager

Samata-san coordinates and oversees a variety of key Chamber operations, from ensuring all activities are carried out in an appropriate, legal and cost-effective way, to performing quality controls and supporting chamber member enquiries.

Sarah Backley

Associate Director

Sarah’s role as Associate Director includes implementing operational plans to achieve Chamber goals and objectives, as set by our Executive Committee (Excom); delivering a great member services programme; and managing all BCCJ events and activities.

Graham Davis

Senior Adviser

As Senior Adviser to the BCCJ, Graham in association with Excom advises on the strategic direction of the Chamber, and monitors the overall performance of the team.

Previously, Graham headed the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Corporate Network executive programme in Japan, and served on the BCCJ Excom from 2010-2015, spending 4 years as Head of Events.

Noriko Mita

Event Coordinator

Noriko brings a wealth of experience in project management, event coordination and trade relations to the Chamber. She plays a central role in all aspects of our events programme, from populating our calendar, to planning the finer details that help make BCCJ events really stand out.

Our Partners

The BCCJ works alongside a number of trusted partners in both the public and private sectors to support the delivery of its mission


The British Embassy
The British Council
The European Business Council
Department for International Trade and Export to Japan

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