Responsible Business

Responsible Business sits as the third pillar of Chamber vision project, BCCJ 5.0. At the BCCJ, we recognise the growing importance of applying business activities in a manner that considerate of economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. By operating in a way that promotes all-round progressive, sustainable development, not only do organisations appeal more to consumers, but also in attracting and retaining employees.

Responsible Businessは、BCCJの展望的な計画であるBCCJ5.0を支える3つの柱のうちの一つです。 BCCJは、すべての事業関係者にとって、経済的、社会的、環境的利益に配慮した方法で事業活動を行うことの重要性が高まっていることを認識しています。全面的に進歩的で持続可能な事業を行うことが、消費者に対する訴求だけではなく、従業員の雇用や定着にも繋がります。


Meet the BCCJ Responsible Business taskforce

The BCCJ’s Responsible Business taskforce is responsible for driving the Chamber’s Responsible Business programme.

Focus areas

  • Raising awareness and inspire action towards responsible business practice through thought leadership, knowledge sharing and networking events
  • Building a programme of practical collaborative action and innovation
  • Working with BCCJ members to promote, support and inspire progressive change

Upcoming Responsible Business Event

Thursday 14 Jan | 16.00 P.M. – 17.30 p.m.

Human development has had catastrophic effects on biodiversity and while the world has woken up to the climate challenge, dealing with the problem we have made in destroying the natural world around us is off to a slower start. Change is coming though, and governments, NGOs, and companies are putting in place a regulatory regime and best practices to restore the world we need.




Past BCCJ Responsible Business Events

The BCCJ runs frequent events across the Responsible Business Spectrum, inviting thought-leaders and Chamber members to draw on their ideas and experiences to the benefit of progressive and necessary change. If you would like to get involved in a future responsible business event, or have a fantastic idea you would like to contribute, we encourage you to get involved by emailing [email protected]

Learn more about past Chamber Responsible Business events HERE (Updates coming soon)


COVID-19 and Responsible Business

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the economy, people and the planet. Adopting a responsible business conduct approach in government and business responses to the crisis will generate short and long-term benefits such as increased resilience, a fairer and more inclusive distribution of benefits from recovery measures, and a stronger contribution to sustainable development. This page highlights some of the responsible business measures and initiatives BCCJ members are adopting in the fight against COVID-19.