Government Relations


Government Relations is the Chamber’s 4th and most recent pillar, introduced in 2022 to develop and maintain relationships and collaboration efforts with outside entities. The group assists with raising the overall awareness of the BCCJ through media, liasons and by maintaining a strong voice and brand. The Government Relations working group will also focuses on Chamber advocacy by identifying areas important to businesses and working to present these to political decision-makers, drawing on the wider BCCJ community for support.



Introduction to the BCCJ Government Relations Working Group



The BCCJ runs Government Relations Working Group is a dynamic, member-driven forums designed to foster engagement among chamber members and guests who share a common interest in politic to forge valuable connections and allow members to collaborate on impactful projects that drive business interests forward. The Working Group will equip members with new insights, valuable resources, and fresh inspiration, creating opportunities for them to take an active role in BCCJ events and initiatives, and to lead in key focus areas.

Quarterly Working Groups meetings will be held throughout the year, open to all BCCJ members and guests of members with in an interest in Government Relations. If you like to find out more about the BCCJ Government Relations Working Group, please contact us at [email protected].