Brave Conversations, Positive Transformations | Vision project launched at BCCJ 2022 Digi-Shinnenkai

Written by BCCJ
January 28, 2022


Written by BCCJ
January 28, 2022

British Chamber of Commerce in Japan launches new vision project at 2022 Digi-Shinnenkai

Last night, over 50 members gathered online to join the BCCJ’s Digi-Shinnenkai and enjoy the launch of a new vision project that will set the tone for chamber activities in 2022 and beyond.

The project aims to engage BCCJ members in tackling the grand challenges faced by business and society.


At the heart of change

An introductory video kicked off proceedings.

“Our world is changing faster than we could have dared to imagine. New attitudes are driving industrial revolutions and accelerating innovation. And if history has taught us anything, it’s that every massive downturn is soon followed by a new epoch-making upturn.”

The BCCJ believes 2022 is one of these pivotal moments in history, and have devised a new Chamber vision project to sit at the heart of the change. Brave Conversations, Positive Transformations is set to engage members and the wider UK-Japan ecosystem to challenge norms, and positively impact our community. In short, the chamber wants to Push. Things. Forward. 

But first, said the BCCJ team, we should acknowledge that TIMES ARE HARD. People are tired. The future of work is still so uncertain. That’s why the chamber invites member of all levels and industries to get involved. Connection is key.



BCCJ President, David Bickle shared an inspiring story about mountain climber Nims Purja.

Leaders from the BCCJ Executive Committee taskforces, Tove Kinooka of Global Perspectives (BCCJ Responsible Business), Richard Lyle of Intralink (BCCJ Digi-Tech Innovation) and James Nepaulsingh of Freshfields (BCCJ Diversity Equity and Inclusion) gave comments on their plans for the year ahead, including upcoming events to be produced by their cross-sector groups.



“From exploring the universe – and the meta-verse, to educating ourselves on sustainable business practices and ESG imperatives. From seeking the perfect hybrid work model that combines the best of both remote and on-site work; to the global move towards net-zero and even net-positive households and societies.”


Project Possible

Other leaders from the BCCJ pointed to the chamber’s unique position to bring business and community together, and tackle the tough questions facing us all in the Year of the Tiger. The BCCJ’s business network of almost 200 member companies has a civic duty to address the modern challenge of sustainable growth. 

The chamber team agreed. “Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, the BCCJ does not wish to be a passive bystander. Day to day, we provide an integrated suite of member services to enhance commercial and cultural relations between the UK and Japan. Through our events and meetings programme, we aim to merge the best of the physical and digital worlds to offer an enriching member experience, maximising our chamber’s impact and reach, while keeping our community informed on the topics that matter to them during these times of uncertainty.”


Get involved

Bigger picture, BCCJ members are invited to get involved with Brave Conversations, Positive Transformations, enabling us to shape a more purpose-driven, human-centric society that helps drive modern workplace change in 2022 and beyond.  

This initiative for 2022 will bring BCCJ members together, and place their business entiment at the forefront of change, shaping chamber pillars that are crucial for the future sustainable growth of business in Japan, the UK, and globally: Diversity Equity and Inclusion / Digital and Tech Innovation / and Responsible Business.

We invite you to join us on this journey.