Robert Walters Japan Announced as BBA 2023 DEI Sponsor

Written by BCCJ
September 29, 2023


Written by BCCJ
September 29, 2023

The BCCJ is delighted to share that we are introducing a brand new type of sponsorship this year. It is with great pleasure to announce Robert Walters Japan KK (RWJ) as our first-ever BBA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion sponsor. With the support of the Robert Walters Japan team, we have been able to invite a diverse table of emerging thought leaders and give recognition to the huge contribution they are making to change lives in Japan.


Diversity Equity & Inclusion at Robert Walters Japan

Robert Walters Japan has been central to the Chamber’s DEI programme, having collaborated and supported numerous events over the years, and collaborating with the Chamber on two articles as part of Pride Month earlier this year (links below).

Robert Walters Japan believes in the power of a diverse global workforce that champions the right for people to be their true, authentic selves. The recruitment leaders pride themselves on building diverse teams and professionals both internally and with partners, with an integral aspect of their purpose to power people and organisations to fulfil their unique potential.



Jeremy Sampson, CEO of Robert Walters Northeast Asia, says:

We are delighted to partner with the BCCJ for the British Business Awards 2023 at such a pivotal time for DEI progression, both in Japan and globally. When companies prioritise DEI, they are also prioritising their people; creating a workplace that encourages new perspectives to allow people to bring their true selves to work every day, whilst bolstering employee retention.

We look forward to hearing some of the great DEI success stories showcased at this year’s Awards and how we can learn from them. Here’s to a more progressive and inclusive new business agenda in 2024 and beyond!


More from Robert Walters Japan KK:

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