Nominations now OPEN for the 2020 British Business Awards!

Written by Sam Maddicott
September 17, 2020


Written by Sam Maddicott
September 17, 2020


Nominating for a 2020 British Business Award is simple.

1 – Click on the category you would like to nominate for

2 – Fill out the PDF form*

3 – Submit to: [email protected]

*Please fill out your form on a PDF reader other than your web browser.



For thirteen years, the BCCJ’s British Business Awards (BBA) have been celebrating and rewarding the best of UK-Japan business relationships.

Now, in the lead up to the 2020 BBA, to be held on the evening of November 5th in an entirely digital format, you have the opportunity to nominate your favourite companies and individuals – and even your own company – to win the most prestigious award for British businesses in Japan.

Supported by the BCCJ’s key partners, the 2020 BBA provides a fantastic platform for companies and individuals to gain recognition for their achievements throughout the year.


2020 BBA Theme

This year’s BBA theme will be resilience and innovation


2020 BBA categories

The BBA recognise excellence and promote success across all industry sectors, and acclaim important social contributions made by companies through their commitment to community and ethical behaviour.

This year, judges will be looking for winners who have shown a commitment to our core values: Diversity & Inclusivity, Digital & Technological Innovation, and Responsible Business as well as excellence in its response to Covid-19

The 2020 BBA categories are:

Company of the Year
Company of the Year nominees are required to show excellence and innovation across their organisation in Japan, focusing on outstanding transformations in the past 12 months.

UK-Japan Partnership
Nominees should be joint-ventures, alliances, or other partnerships that have made demonstrable contributions to the enhancement of the UK-Japan commercial relationship over the past 12 months.

Entrepreneur of the Year
Nominees should be individuals who exemplify entrepreneurialism and have created commercial success through an entrepreneurial spirit. Nominees will typically be leading non-listed organisations in Japan with 25 employees or fewer.

Responsible Business
Open to any eligible company that has driven exceptionally effective responsible business (social / environmental) programmes or initiatives in Japan over the past 12 months. Nominees should not be NPOs.

Diversity and Inclusion
Open to any eligible company that has driven exceptionally effective Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, services or solutions in Japan over the past 12 months. Nominees should not be NPOs.

Digi-tech Innovation
Open to any eligible company that has driven transformation through the delivery of effective Digital / Technological Innovation, services or solutions in Japan over the past 12 months.


Why nominate?

Winning a BBA trophy is a prestigious endorsement of an organisation’s projects, initiatives, results, and achievements. Winners are acknowledged as industry leaders and named the best in their respective categories. This is a valuable measure of success that can be used in a variety of communications – creating publicity, positive organisational profiling and heightened credibility.

All nominees enjoy:

  • pre-event publicity
  • on-the-night publicity

Winners will receive a variety of promotional benefits including:

  • a free ad in BCCJ ACUMEN magazine
  • exposure on BCCJ website and BCCJ-owned social media channels
  • priority mentions in relevant industry media throughout subsequent years


Judging Process

Nominations are judged against specific criteria, founded on the BBA values of success, innovation and ethics. We employ well-defined and proven methodologies to ensure that the judging process is fair and free of influence.

Previous winners say . . .

The BBA is a great opportunity to gain recognition for staff and colleagues and to highlight all the good work they do. It was such a joy to bring the news back to the office after winning the award and was very good for boosting team morale.
Matt Burney, British Council, 2016 Japan-UK Partnership

It is really easy to nominate, it’s free, and it’s an excellent way to gain exposure in the local business community. It’s a wonderful night out, and if your company wins, it’s a big buzz for the team. I would definitely recommend companies get involved.
Philippe Fauchet OBE, GSK, 2016 Company of the Year

I believe that it [the BBA] is reconfirmation and rediscovery of the excellence of the British companies and institutions and their ties with Japanese partners.
Arata Oguri, Arup Ove Arup & Partners Japan Ltd, 2015 BBA Company of the Year

[The BBA] was a great chance to meet new people with ambitious goals. I was inspired by many of the people I met at the ceremony and it gave me extra energy the following Monday. I think we can all benefit from sharing ideas and seeing each other succeed as a strong group.
Junko Kemi, kay me International Ltd. (EY Winning Women Network), 2015 BBA Entrepreneur of the Year


Ready to honour your valued employees and / or strengthen your brand? Put yourself in the running to win a BBA trophy – the ultimate seal of approval for your business and a subject to talk about with your clients for many months and years to come!



Nominees for awards must be one or more of the following:

  • British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) Member
  • UK-owned and Japan-based firm
  • Japan-based firm or individual with significant UK links

Nomination Guidelines

Nominations should:

  • Cover all nomination criteria for the category concerned – included on nomination form(s)
  • Be sent in an email attachment in PDF format along with a high resolution nominated company logo to: [email protected]
  • Reach the BCCJ office by the deadline of October 23, 5pm



Attend the British Business Awards

The British Business Awards (BBA) is back. One of the most prestigious accolades a company can receive, this year’s Awards is here to recognise endeavour, achievements and resilience showcased by the UK-Japan business community.

This year, the BCCJ team is going above and beyond to deliver an outstanding and lively event, for the first time ever in an entirely digital format. Expect A-list speakers, video entertainment and all the thrills and spills that make this THE event of the UK-Japan business calendar year, and one you, your colleagues and friends do not want to miss. And better yet, you won’t be judged on donning your finest pair of slippers to a black-tie gala.

Launched in 2008, our BBA gala event celebrates excellence while showcasing success and innovation across all industries. The Awards also highlight the important social contributions made by British and Japanese organisations through their commitment to sustainability, community, and ethical behaviour as well as dealing with the challenges of 2020. This year, we are introducing 3 exciting new award categories, interconnected with Chamber vision project, BCCJ 5.0!