COVID-19 Vaccinations in Japan – RESOURCES

Written by BCCJ
June 20, 2021


Written by BCCJ
June 20, 2021


The Japanese Government’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare COVID-19 Vaccination Navi provides an overview of the vaccination process and vaccination venues across Japan.

Prior to the vaccination becoming available in your area, your local government will send you a “vaccination ticket (coupon)” and “Notice for COVID-19 Vaccination”. Vaccines will be supplied as they become available, and the vaccination will be provided in a given order based on age and other factors.

BCCJ encourages you to check the municipality website where you are a registered resident to understand when your “vaccination ticket” will be dispatched, and other vaccination details.

After receiving the vaccination coupon, you can make a booking

  1. Through your municipality;
  2. At a registered clinic;
  3. At a large-scale national vaccination site.

Vaccination Process HERE

  1. Confirm When you Can Be Vaccinated
  2. Find a Medical Institution or Vaccine Site
  3. Make a Reservation and Get the Vaccine

Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire for the COVID-19 Vaccine

English Questionnaire


Which vaccine?

Features of the vaccines you can receive in Japan

Information about the vaccine administration method, what to do after receiving the vaccine, and features of the vaccine.



Vaccine Certification Information

  • Vaccine Certification: Q&A on whether a vaccine certification will be issued (Japanese)

  • The Commons Project: The Commons Project developed CommonPass, an application and data-sharing structure that enables individuals to securely prove their COVID-19 health status for travel and other purposes, without revealing other, extraneous personal data.

    • The Government of Japan is considering to pursue the CommonPass app.

    • BCCJ would be pleased to consider supporting The Commons Project.

Workplace (Shokuiki) Vaccine

If your company has over 1,000 staff to be innoculated, an option is to apply for individual Workplace vaccination that does not require a “vaccination ticket,” but relies on the company to input that data retrospectively.

Other Options

BCCJ is currently working alongside a Japanese partner organisation which can provide vaccinations for a fee under the Japanese Government’s Occupational Innoculation programme.

Via this programme, the BCCJ is advising companies to compile lists of 50 employees “patients” to be submitted to our Japanese partner organisation.

Vaccinations are beginning for BCCJ members on June 22.

The cost is JPY4400 /two shots/per person.



International Chambers of Commerce in Japan: Vaccination Coalition

The BCCJ is very pleased to be corresponding with 14 other international chambers of commerce in Japan, on an information-sharing project, Vaccination Coalition.

With thanks to the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) for compiling the list of resources above.