UK-Japan Travel Advice – Omicron COVID-19 variant (Nov 30 2021)


The new Omicron variant of the novel coronavirus has led to stricter border controls in countries around the world.

Japan closed its borders to new arrivals of foreigners from Tuesday 30 November and now requires citizens and foreigners with resident status returning from high-risk areas to spend up to 10 days of their 14-day isolation periods in a government-designated facility.

Those returning from the UK must spend 6 days in a government facility, followed by 8 days in self-isolation at home or other self-arranged accommodation.


Entry to the UK

Before you travel to England – fully vaccinated – you must:

You cannot use an NHS test for your PCR test. You must use a private test provider and you will need to enter your COVID-19 test booking reference number on your passenger locator form.

If you’re in England for less than 2 days, you still need to book and pay for a day 2 COVID-19 test. You must quarantine until you receive a negative day 2 COVID-19 PCR test, or until you leave England, whichever is sooner.

After arrival

After you arrive in England you must take a COVID-19 PCR test. This is the test that you booked before travel.

You can take the test any time after you arrive and before the end of day 2 at the latest. The day you arrive is day 0.

You must quarantine in your home or the place you are staying while you await your test result.


Entry to Japan

UK Gov says:

From 30 November 2021, foreign nationals (including British nationals) who do not have existing resident status are not permitted to enter Japan for any purpose, other than in exceptional circumstances. The description of exceptional circumstances is currently available only in Japanese, but extends to those who are deemed to be entering Japan in the “public interest”, or who have humanitarian requirements. This guidance also applies to foreign nationals in possession of visas issued recently who have not yet entered Japan.

Quarantine and self-isolation requirements

From 1 December 2021 all travellers entering Japan, whether fully vaccinated or not, must undertake 14 days of quarantine and self-isolation. For those coming from the UK, the first 6 days must be spent in quarantine in a government-provided hotel. You will need to take a COVID-19 test on days 3 and 6 (the day of arrival counts as Day 0). If the tests are negative, you will be permitted to move into self-isolation at home or in a self-arranged hotel for the remainder of the 14-day period.

You will be required to sign a written pledge upon arrival which commits you to these rules. The pledge also commits you to avoiding public transport, installing Japan’s COVID-19 tracing app, and maintaining – and in some cases disclosing – your location data. You may be subject to enhanced monitoring due to the presence in the UK of the Omicron COVID-19 variant.


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