BCCJ Mentorship Programme for Aspiring Professionals (Pilot)

Written by BCCJ
February 27, 2024


Written by BCCJ
February 27, 2024

This programme will build connections between young professionals and established members of the BCCJ community as part of a two-way learning experience to further careers and support personal growth through exchanging expertise and insights.

The selected mentees will receive guidance from their mentors on how to navigate the early stages of their career (or career changes) and understand the nuances of the international business sphere. Selected mentors should see this as an opportunity to reinforce their leadership skills, learn from leaders of tomorrow and contribute to fostering greater diversity in business.

APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MARCH 8, 2024. Limited spaces, first-come-first-served. 



  1. Nominate two candidates from your company (a mentor and a mentee) by the deadline of Friday, March 8. The names of the two candidates should be sent to the BCCJ team at [email protected]
  2. Both candidates must submit their completed forms individually online or as a downloaded copy to the BCCJ team at [email protected]
  3. Participants will be paired with a mentor / mentee from one of the other participating organisations.
  4. Mentors & mentees will be introduced by email in the week commencing March 11, and the BCCJ will organise an introductory kick-off meeting for each pair.
  5. Mentors & mentees will arrange a minimum of one monthly meeting for 4 months.
  6. The BCCJ will host a session in July / August 2024 where all participants can share their experiences and provide feedback to one another.


If you cannot access Google Forms, you can download a Microsoft Word version of the application HERE. Please email a completed version to [email protected]


If you cannot access Google Forms, you can download a Microsoft Word version of the application HERE. Please email a completed version to [email protected]





  • Mentees should be in their first few years of employment at a BCCJ member company (or an individual who the company feels will benefit from the programme). Please note that there is no age restriction on being considered a mentee for the BCCJ Mentorship Programme.
  • Mentors should be senior leaders at a BCCJ member company.





What makes a good Mentor?

  • Experience
  • Willingness
  • Available and responsive
  • Open and honest with criticism and compliments
  • Openness to reverse mentoring


And what makes a good Mentee?

  • Interested in self-development
  • Accepts criticism
  • Good and consistent performer
  • Ready to provide open and honest feedback to selected mentor



  • Show genuine interest in developing talent
  • Ensure time allocation and focus on developing mentee. (Commit to a minimum of 1 meeting a month, for 4 months)
  • Listen to mentee and offer guidance and encouragement
  • Help mentee understand broader organisational context – ability to see “big picture”
  • Maintain confidentiality of the discussions
  • Follow the process and submit a report on the progress at the end of the mentorship period
  • Be open to inviting mentee to give reverse mentoring



  • Take initiative for self development and be committed to the process
  • Be prepared for meetings with mentor by having concrete topics / questions in mind
  • Take on board feedback from mentors and undergo any tasks set ahead of next meetings
  • Be open to providing mentor with reverse mentoring