BBA 2021 Nominees: Digi-Tech Innovation

Written by BCCJ
October 21, 2021


Written by BCCJ
October 21, 2021

By the conclusion of the British Business Awards 2021 (#BBA2021) nomination period, we had received 38 eligible nominations across 6 categories.

The following 4 companies are now in the running to lift the BBA Digi-Tech Innovation trophy.

“Open to any eligible company that has driven transformation through the delivery of effective Digital / Technological Innovation, services or solutions in Japan over the past 12 months.”


BBA 2021 Digi-Tech Innovation Nominees

(In alphabetical order)


Bespoke is a pioneering developer of innovative, tailored AI solutions forging partnerships in Asia, USA and Europe. Bespoke has gained recognition for its Chatbot AI system which is transforming the hospitality industry by offering easy-access communication support which has already been a shining light amidst unprecedented disasters, such as Covid-19.


Doddle & Yamato Holdings

The partnership between Yamato and Doddle has enabled Yamato to launch transformational, digital and innovative solutions for handling the growing volumes of e-commerce deliveries and returns across Japan. These solutions deliver clear benefits for consumers, bricks & mortar and online retailers, logistics providers and the environment.


Exscientia’s nomination is as a result of the successful application of AI to the design of two of the world’s first three AI-designed drug molecules to enter clinical trials, in collaboration with Sumitomo Dainippon Pharmaceutical Co Ltd. and the successful 2021 series D fund raise led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 that preceded Exscientia’s IPO.


Financial, legal, and pharma translation firm TBSJ is the creator of Leveraged AI, an integration of best-in-class technologies with human expertise. In the past year, TBSJ has been evolving this system, launching related tech tools, training more staff to use the system and raising awareness of AI translation capabilities in the language industry.


The decision on a winning BBA 2021 entry is the result of the combined score of 6 separate judges, who independently score assigned submissions using the same scoring matrix.

To ensure transparency, each judge independently returns his or her score sheet to the BCCJ office by 3 November 2021 and the results are tabulated confidentially. The scores from each judge are then totalled for each nominee, and the nomination with the highest accumulative score is declared the category winner.

In the event of two nominees receiving the same final score, all judges will be asked to review their scores for these companies/individuals, and the submission with the highest score from this second round of judging will be declared the winner.

The final results remain confidential until the BBA ceremony – held on the evening of November 5, 2021 online. To book your space at the Awards, please register via the bookings page HERE


We are delighted to reveal the names of our BBA 2021 judges – a truly great lineup of accomplished leaders who are actively engaged in bolstering UK-Japan relations! This esteemed panel of judges will put into practice their expertise and specialist experience to decide which companies and individuals should receive a prestigious BBA trophy.

Noel Thatcher MBE | British Paralympian
Carolyn Davidson | British Consul-General, Osaka
Miwa Seki, Kathy Matsui, Yumiko Murakami | MPower Partners
Hideo Tomita | Managing Director, Refinitiv Japan K.K.
Liza Aono | Presenter, Cool Japan TV
Adrian Gillespie | Chief Executive, Scottish Enterprise