2019 BBA Nominees: Innovation

Written by BCCJ
October 22, 2019


Written by BCCJ
October 22, 2019

By the conclusion of the 2019 British Business Awards (BBA2019) nomination period, on Friday 18 October at noon, we had received 32 eligible nominations across 5 categories.

The following 5 companies are now in the running to lift the 2019 BBA Innovation trophy.

“Open to any eligible company that has driven exceptionally effective innovation services or other solutions in Japan over the past 18 months.”


2019 BBA Innovation nominees
(in alphabetical order):

EY Advisory & Consulting Co., Ltd.

Over the past 18 months, EY Japan has successful launched and run an innovation and emerging technology center called wavespace. wavespace has had a huge impact on Japanese and international organizations running over 250 innovation and transformation workshops, generating new ideas, creating new technologies, and achieving meaningful business transformation.


Joseph Joseph Limited

Joseph Joseph is a global, award-winning international houseware brand sold in over 100 countries with offices in London, New York, Paris, Dusseldorf, and Tokyo. Known for 99% customer satisfaction, the company has continued to earn worldwide recognition for producing new and innovative products that transform everyday household essentials.



Qosmo Inc

Qosmo is at the forefront of Computational Creativity. While most companies focus on either creative or technological aspects, Qosmo is unique in centring its attention on the intersection of the two, using their interplay to provide new value to clients and society at large, with the aim of augmenting – rather than replacing – human creativity.


SciBite Limited

SciBite converts previously unusable, scientifically relevant text or data into high-quality, standardised, machine-readable data – the critical first step in big-data/AI strategies. In 2019 we helped a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company discover novel therapies for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in ways that had previously been unachievable.



STATsports are market leaders in the sports science field and the uptake of their product is a testament to the sophistication and innovation of their product. Their success is Japan is characterised by the number of J League football, Japanese Rugby and University sports cluy have provided their product and services to over the past 18 months.



The decision on a winning BBA2019 entry is the result of the combined score of 6 separate judges, who independently score each submission using the same scoring matrix.

To ensure transparency, each judge independently returns his or her score sheet to the BCCJ office by 7 November 2018 and the results are tabulated confidentially by the BCCJ Executive Director. The scores from each judge are then totaled for each nominee, and the nomination with the highest accumulative score is declared the category winner.

In the event of two nominees receiving the same final score, all judges will be asked to review their scores for these companies / individuals, and the submission with the highest score from this second round of judging will be declared the winner.

The final results remain confidential until the BBA ceremony – held on the evening of November 8 2019 at the Hotel Gajoen Tokyo.


Nominees for BBA2019 trophies must be one or more of the following:

– British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) Member
– UK-owned and Japan-based firm
– Japan-based firm or individual with significant UK links


Good luck to all BBA2019 nominees, and stay tuned for updates on other award categories!