COVID & Work

BCCJ COVID-19 Event Guidelines

The BCCJ is committed to providing a high-value events and networking platform in a safe and secure environment for all members and staff involved. The health of our community is paramount, and we are moving with great caution and consideration, adhering to directives provided by the Government of Japan and leading medical bodies.

With the interest of our members in mind, the BCCJ will strive to continue bringing topical content and exceptional speakers to members through the delivery of events, while complying to the following guidelines, as updated on February 3, 2022.

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BCCJ COVID-19 Resource Centre

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, the BCCJ is taking action to ensure the security and well-being of our community. We are in close contact with the UK Government as well as local, regional and global partners, and will look to provide trusted resources and a new platform for knowledge sharing with the goal of keeping members up to date with the latest developments and business practices. The BCCJ Covid-19 Resource Centre is a collective of information shared by the BCCJ and its members help you make informed decisions and navigate the challenges of the global pandemic.

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The Future of Work: Building Back Better

Many companies and individuals are now thinking about the future of work post Covid-19. How will jobs be affected? What different skills will be needed in the future? How can companies and individuals best prepare? One outcome seems highly likely: there will be more disruptions and a greater need for reskilling than there was before Covid-19. It has been predicted by the 2021 McKinsey report that 17 million workers in the US will need to change not just employers, but completely change occupations by 2030, a figure which will translate similarly in Japan. This page will share what BCCJ members and partners are doing as we look to re-shape our workplaces and workforces.

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