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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to evolve, the BCCJ is taking action to ensure the security and well-being of our community. We are in daily contact with the UK Government as well as local, regional and global partners, and will look to provide trusted resources and a new platform for knowledge sharing with the goal of keeping members up to date with the latest developments and business practices.

In light of recent directives from the Japanese Government, the BCCJ will be postponing all face-to-face events until we receive further notification, after which we will reassess the situation. In the meantime, we are pleased to have launched a new webinar series, ‘COVID-19: Default to Action‘. We encourage you to get involved and contribute your expertise, as a participant, or even a future panellist. If you have any suggestions, please do send us a message via the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will reply at our earliest possible convenience.

COVID-19 Business Impact Survey

Members of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) have implemented measures to ensure business continuity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, even as they forecast a fall in revenue in 2020, according to a survey carried out by the BCCJ in April. Furthermore, Platinum, Corporate and Entrepreneur members remain hopeful about their respective businesses in two years’ time, reflecting resilience amongst the community. Some 75 member companies responded to the poll, 92% of which are primarily located in Tokyo. Some 53% are based in Japan; the others hold their main enterprise abroad.


Watch the BCCJ’s Default to Action Webinar Series

Join us as we hear from guests of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan on how to navigate COVID-19. Business insights, best practices, government advice, well-being tips and more.


Listen to and download the BCCJ’s Default to Action Podcast

Join us as we hear from guests of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan on how to navigate COVID-19. Business insights, best practices, government advice, well-being tips and more.


BCCJ Member Hubs and Services

As we navigate COVID-19 together, the BCCJ is looking to provide resources to help guide businesses of all shapes and sizes through the challenges ahead. This page is designed to share insights, guides and services, from members, useful for members.


Responsible Business and COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the economy, people and the planet. Adopting a responsible business conduct approach in government and business responses to the crisis will generate short and long-term benefits such as increased resilience, a fairer and more inclusive distribution of benefits from recovery measures, and a stronger contribution to sustainable development. This page highlights some of the responsible business measures and initiatives BCCJ members are adopting in the fight against COVID-19


UK Government Travel Advice

From 1 September, British nationals who have an existing Status of Residence in Japan and who hold a valid re-entry permit will be allowed to leave and re-enter Japan. This includes those who until recently were prohibited from returning. Travellers currently outside will also need to apply to their nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate to receive a “Re-entry Confirmation Letter”. Those currently in Japan should apply to the Immigration Services Agency before their departure from Japan.[]

[Can I still travel to Japan?]
Japan has suspended its visa waiver system for anyone travelling on a British Citizen or British National (Overseas) passport until at least the end of September 2020. All travellers may need to provide written evidence of a PCR negative Covid-19 test result on arrival. You should check the Japanese government’s advice on this process on the Ministry of Justice website. More information here.

[I live in Japan, do I need to leave?]
Please follow the advice of local authorities. Be ready to comply with local isolation and testing or quarantine requirements.

[I am planning to return to the UK, what do I need to do?]
If you’re returning to the UK from Japan consult the latest advice on actions to take from the UK Department of Health and Social Care

[What if I have symptoms of covid-19?]
Follow advice of local authorities; many have dedicated hotlines to provide information in English, please see here for list. JNTO has a 24/7 hotline

Japanese Government Support to Companies

This note provides some information regarding Japanese Government Support to Companies. The information is provided to assist UK firms based in Japan. If you are a registered company based in Japan, paying into the national employer’s insurance scheme, you should be eligible.


JETRO Invest Japan Helpline

JETRO has launched a helpline (Invest Japan Helpline) that accepts
inquiries in multiple languages in order to support foreign companies
and foreign-affiliated companies during this difficult situation.
If a foreign company or a foreign-affiliated company from your country/region
is having problems such as collecting information about government
economic measures, questions on labor affairs or status of residence,
please share the JETRO website: Here


Japanese Government

On February 25, “Basic Policies for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control” decided by the Headquarters for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control. This policy summarizes the measures that are currently being taken and the perspectives of possible future measures to be taken to respond to future development.
Basic Policies for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control
(Summary Version) Basic Policies for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control by the Government of Japan

Figure 1: COVID-19 Clusters in Japan
Figure 2: Overview of the Act on Special Measures
Figure 3: PCR Testing system
Figure 4: Screenshot_COVID19Map_MHLW
Figure 5: Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

Updates from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Press Conference: Update on the Response to the novel Coronavirus Disease (October 2nd)


Press Conference on Border Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

On August 5, a press conference on the Border Measures to Prevent the Spread of the COVID-19 was held by Related Ministries of Japan. Please refer to the handout:… For those who want to see in Japanese:

Press Conference: Border measures to prevent the spred of COVID-19 (August 5th)


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