World Ocean Summit 2020 – March 9th–10th 2020, Tokyo

Written by BCCJ
January 27, 2020


Written by BCCJ
January 27, 2020

The British Chamber of Commerce is partnering with The Economist Events to promote environmental sustainability in the ocean economy as part of the World Ocean Summit 2020 in Tokyo on March 9-10.

All BCCJ members are eligible for a 20% discount – simply enter the code ‘BCCJ20′ when booking.

We are facing a perfect storm. On the one hand government and industry increasingly see the ocean as an important source of economic growth; on the other, they are tasked with countering the existential threat the ocean faces due to these (and other, land-based) activities. Businesses want to invest, but are unsure about the risks due to ocean degradation and associated regulation. This dichotomy is evident in two of the most pressing issues facing the ocean: overfishing (and the related issues of fishing subsidies and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing), and the question of how to manage plastic pollution (a complex land-based issue, but one that has a profound effect on the ocean). A more forthright discussion about these and other trade-offs is an essential part of the new ocean agenda.

The World Ocean Summit will bring together a global group of policymakers, business and

civil society leaders, investors, scientists and entrepreneurs to debate and develop new ideas on how to decouple economic growth from ocean degradation.

How can we build a new— truly blue— ocean agenda?


Benefits of attending:

  • Learn about national ‘blue economy’ strategies from heads of state, ministers and government officials from over 40 countries and small island developing states who recognise the ocean as a solution to climate change
  • Network with scientists, entrepreneurs, policymakers, corporate chiefs and investors who are working towards solutions to enhance ocean-conservation and blue-economy opportunities, and finance ocean solutions at scale
  • Support the private sector and financial institutions to build sustainable best practices to report on their positive impact by 2020 in alignment with SDG 14 (life below water) goals
  • Learn from Japanese marine clusters and innovators and build your ocean network in Japan
  • Follow the growth of the ‘changemakers’ and women within the ocean economy that will benefit from mentorship opportunities in a bid to realise their vision for the  ‘blue’ economy


Dates Monday 9th March-Tuesday 10th March, 2020
Location Hotel Okura Tokyo, 2-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Minato City, 105-0001, Japan
Event brochure Download
How to register Register online and use discount code BCCJ20 to take advantage of  a 20% discount on standard rate.

Any questions? Contact the World Ocean Summit team at: [email protected]

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