Welcome to CJ PARTNERS Inc.!

Written by BCCJ
August 6, 2021


Written by BCCJ
August 6, 2021

The BCCJ is proud to welcome new member: CJ PARTNERS Inc.!


Established in 2012, CJ PARTNERS Inc. has become one of Japan’s leading regenerative medicine (i.e. cell therapies, gene therapies, tissue engineering) advisory/consulting firms.  Over the years they have provided assistance on a wide range of cell types (mesenchymal stem cells, myoblasts, discogenic cells, dendritic cells, fibroblasts, neural stem cells) from multiple sources (iPSC, ESC, allogeneic, autologous, etc.) alongside multiple gene therapy types too (Sendai virus, AAV, Lentivirus, plasmids, etc.).



Their services can be broadly separated into the following three categories:

    • Regulatory Consulting:  Assisting clients prepare for and conduct Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) consultations on their regenerative medicine investigational products.  These consultations generally focus on CMC quality, pre-clinical/clinical safety, and/or clinical study design all of which CJ PARTNERS are able to assist with.  Over the years they have conducted close to 100 consultations and where CMC quality and pre-clinical/clinical safety are concerned they are very likely the most experienced outfit in Japan.  Over the past few years they have assisted multiple firms obtain clearance to submit clinical trial notifications to the PMDA in indications that run from ones in orthopedics to those in oncology.
    • Financial Advisory:  Services provided under this category generally cover out-licensing negotiations and/or funding/financing assistance (angel through to pre-IPO stages).  In recent years CJ PARTNERS have assisted in raising 2M USD for a US biotech as part of their Series B (15M USD), 23M USD for a US biotech as part of their Series C (50M USD), 13M EUR for a European biotech as part of a restructuring round, and 4M USD for another US biotech as part of their Series B (25M USD).  They have also helped conclude a recent out-licensing of an early-stage cell therapy product to a Japanese life sciences firm for circa 20M USD.
    • Strategic Consulting:  Under this category CJ PARTNERS can provide a wide array of consulting services.  These can be as straight forward as a feasibility study or market analysis on a particular indication in Japan to something as specialized as assisting in the conduct of business and/or regulatory due diligence that is part of a large pharmaceutical firm’s look into potentially in-licensing a cell/gene therapy.  CJ PARTNERS also maintains a detailed cell/gene therapy database that multiple pharmaceutical firms have bought over the years.  Regardless of what a firm’s need may be, if it is regenerative medicine related and pertains to Japan, it is likely that CJ PARTNERS will be able to provide some sort of assistance.

For more information, visit the CJ PARTNERS website


Andrew Fleury | Vice President
[email protected]

Sanae Kido | Vice President
[email protected]