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Written by BCCJ
July 15, 2022


Written by BCCJ
July 15, 2022

CIRCLE Cloud Communications is Japan’s fastest growing VoIP service with cloud-based telephone (voice), video, and chat as the base services from AINEO Networks. CIRCLE also includes other communications services such as fax, voice recording, and analytics that help your team communicate with each other and connect with your clients.

The AINEO team launched CIRCLE in 2017 and has fully focused on on the popular national service to support the massive demand for cloud-based communications (UCaaS, VoIP) giving organizations the ability to scale up their businesses. Although national organizations far outnumber the foreign-based users of CIRCLE Cloud Communications, AINEO is pleased to welcome the various UK-based companies, government agencies to our cloud.

  • CIRCLE provides
  • Nationwide telephone services
  • Team chat and collaboration
  • Video calling and conferencing
  • Voice Recording for compliance, training and emergency services
  • QuickFAX from anywhere

Global Connectivity for organizations wanting to set up an office or presence around the world.

More information on the communication service provider (CSP) at https://circleip.com/

Support available in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. Okinawa coming soon.