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Written by BCCJ
May 10, 2024


Written by BCCJ
May 10, 2024

TDC Global is a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) consultancy that enables organisations to succeed by integrating DEI. We equip our partners – the likes of Adobe, Coca Cola and Indeed – to attract, retain and advance top talent through leveraging generational, cultural and gender diversity.

Rated as a top 10 Asia-Pacific consultancy, we understand the nuances of the region and what it takes to adapt and localise global strategies in order for them to succeed, with most of our clients being multinationals. We work across a variety of sectors but concentrate on those that are historically male-dominated and therefore, where we can make the biggest impact. Our operations have expanded beyond Australia to Japan, as well as servicing clients in the broader APAC-region, predominantly Singapore, South Korea and India.

We are proud to have worked with a number of leading companies in the Japan market, including Global and Japan-headquartered organizations, such as Coca-Cola, Adobe, Asahi Group Holdings, Suntory, Nissan and more. The growing demand for DEI and an increased appetite for support from service providers has led to Japan now being our biggest market.
Our point of difference is balancing our deep understanding of the cultural nuances and challenges of Japan with leading practices and insights from countries that are more progressed on their DEI journey, such as Australia, to create tailored, effective DEI solutions.

Our tailored solutions integrate the pillars of DEI with organisational strategy to ensure long-term and sustainable success. We move fast and pride ourselves on our bold and innovative approach, oftentimes creating successful market-firsts.

Our impact is amplified by nurturing, leveraging and connecting our global network, sharing best practices to drive progress. We are a passionate collective of change-makers that spark lasting impact for organisations and we exist to accelerate societal progress towards equity.

We do this through:
1. Strategic advisory & consulting
2. Organisational development & capability building
3. Employer brand storytelling, amplification and events

In addition to our offerings which have the objective of enhancing equity at their core, we also provide education for the broader community for free, in the way of events, thought leadership and resources. We actively support our community to best respond to developments in the DEI space with content, resources and events.

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