Written by BCCJ
October 10, 2018


Written by BCCJ
October 10, 2018


The BCCJ is delighted to welcome QUEST TOKYO on becoming an Entrepreneur Member 


QUEST TOKYO KK is a new company, founded by Kirsten O’Connor, previous Head Teacher of the Primary School at The British School in Tokyo. Providing educational support to the Japanese and international communities in the city, the company works from a British Education platform.

Educational Services include preparation for entrance examinations and interviews, overseas study consultancy, services for those seeking longer term English or Japanese language study as well as holiday programs.  We will in the longer term be developing services to support children and families with specific educational needs.

Tutoring is available in a range of subjects to students aged 5+. Parents are encouraged to be specific about their child’s learning needs so tutoring programs can be individually tailored. Subjects range from English and phonics to French, Japanese, Science and Mathematics.

Personable and empathetic, we are a lively and growing team of people working to meet a wide range of learning needs within the community. We have a commitment to high quality and reliable services, ensuring progress and client satisfaction.Working with professionalism, our teaching is rigorous and impactful. Getting to know children and families, their challenges and needs helps us provide customised, professional advice. We commit to finding tailored solutions and offering individualised communication.

Do visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter but better yet, make an appointment, come and meet with us. We love to talk education and solve problems!

Contact: [email protected]