Welcome: IDC. International

Written by BCCJ
December 20, 2018


Written by BCCJ
December 20, 2018

The BCCJ is delighted to welcome new Entrepreneur member, IDC. International

IDC. International Ltd.Co runs two schools in different industries and one international social club.

The International Cross Culture Academy Tokyo has been certified in the U.K. as an international etiquette and cross culture specialist in 2018. We provide international business etiquette, protocol, and cross culture lessons and programs to corporations and individuals of both Japanese and expats
https://idcglobal.co/  (The website is currently under construction)

International Dance & Social Academy Tokyo provides dance lessons and international social etiquette lessons on weekends.


International Social Culture Club frequently organizes social events such as luncheon parties, gala parties, balls afternoon tea parties, and dance parties.

Upcoming Event – Valentines Day Ball Anniversary of IDC. Tokyo

You are invited to join the IDC. Tokyo Anniversary Ball on February 14. This promises to be a fantastic event filled with luxury and glamour. A special discount is available for all BCCJ members –
List price: 48,000
BCCJ members: 43,000 / 10 tickets for 400,000 / couples for 80,000
The upcoming event is our highest quality ball – IDC Anniversary Ball.


RSVP will be closing on 10th of January; however we may extend the due to 20th.