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Written by BCCJ
October 17, 2023


Written by BCCJ
October 17, 2023

How about counting on Organisational Psychologist to make a better workplace?


Dr. Makiko Kuramoto, our Managing Director, is an expert in Organisational and Cultural Psychology, known for her extensive publication record and the broad spectrum of services she offers. We consistently receive highly positive feedback regarding our customised solutions for clients, which are grounded in the rich theories of Organisational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Cultural Psychology in addition to her professional experience.


What makes us different?

We are dedicated to meeting the distinct needs of each client, including but not limited to areas such as Employee Engagement, Talent Development and Assessment, Employee Skill-Up, Improving Organisational Efficiency, and Fostering Effective Leadership. We will offer tailor-made programs following a thorough analysis and in-depth interviews to identify true needs.


In addition to our core services of consultation and training, we provide coaching and mentoring programs. These services are meticulously and purposefully designed for the long-term effect, delivered with precision and care. They bring significant benefits to senior management, staff, and teams, equipping them to achieve their full potential as well as mental well-being. Our core belief centres on utilising the power of psychology to facilitate positive changes for both individuals and organisations, particularly within the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of today’s business world.


We cater to a global audience, as we offer services in both Japanese and English. This bilingual proficiency solidifies our position as a trusted and dependable partner for international corporations, further solidifying our role in the global business environment.


Our clients span various industries including automotive, luxury brands, food, finance, IT, universities, and cosmetics. We collaborate with organisations across all functional areas.


Our comprehensive training programs

We cover a wide range of essential skill trainings including:

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Teamwork Enhancement
  • People Management for Managers
  • Facilitation
  • Problem-Solving with a Systemic Approach,
  • Mental Resilience and Stress Management.


These training programs empower individuals and teams with the mind-set and tools they need to succeed in today’s complex and interconnected business world.


Our typical TPSF approach

Please contact us freely if you would be interested in discussing any of the above.


FUMI consulting. G.K.

Makiko Kuramoto, Ph.D.