Welcome: Drax Asia (Japan) K.K.

Written by BCCJ
November 21, 2022


Written by BCCJ
November 21, 2022

The BCCJ is delighted to welcome Drax Asia (Japan) K.K. as a corporate member


Drax is the global leader in the production, supply and generation of renewable power from sustainably sourced biomass, and a pioneer in carbon removal technology. Our purpose is to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future.


Our Goals

We are combining our unique expertise in generating electricity from biomass with pioneering carbon capture technology at scale. Our goal is to become the global leader in bioenergy carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and in sustainable biomass pellet production.


Drax’s Role in Japan

Working together to achieve net zero

Drax is committed to supporting Japan in its decarbonization journey, by providing a secure, reliable, renewable energy option in the form of sustainable biomass; accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels and paving the way for negative emissions.

Biomass is recognized by the UN IPCC as critical to tackling climate change and can help Japan meet its climate goals faster, more sustainably and at lower cost. Sustainable bioenergy will play a crucial role in delivering Japan’s new Nationally Determined Contributions and Green Growth Strategy.

Source: Drax


As the world’s leading sustainable biomass generation and supply business, we are keen to share our expertise and stand ready to build new partnerships. By enabling investment in clean energy technologies, Drax will be helping to create tens of thousands of green jobs worldwide.

Launching our office in Japan is a decisive step in our ambition. With our knowledge and experience, paired with the supply of high quality, sustainable wood pellets, Drax will support Japan in delivering its post-COP26 climate objective of phasing down coal and helping integrate other intermittent renewables.