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Written by BCCJ
February 22, 2024


Written by BCCJ
February 22, 2024

Domin is transforming motion control, pushing the boundaries of performance and efficiency, giving companies products that unlock value like never before. We are using our state-of-the-art patented core technologies to enhance hydraulic system efficiency. The first technology is a super compact, smart, integrateable hydraulic high-speed control switching valve, and the second is a highly efficient, compact and integrateable hydraulic energy generating radial piston pump. These are standalone products and have been combined to develop new ground-breaking products, from active suspension in automotive, brake-by-wire in aerospace, to high-performance servo valves in marine, manufacturing, and more. Our products set new standards for power density, dynamic performance, reliability, and surpass existing alternatives.



As esteemed members of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan, Domin collaborates with like-minded organisations to improve hydraulic system efficiencies and enable positive change. Speak to us today to upgrade your systems with Domin’s Servo Valves that deliver unmatched accuracy and repeatability and look to save around $400 per valve per year.

Through our relentless pursuit of innovation and sustainability, Domin is not just transforming motion control; we are shaping a more sustainable future for globally important industries.



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Phone: +44 (0) 333 090 5140
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+44 7805080311