Welcome: Control Risks

Written by Sam Maddicott
November 16, 2022


Written by Sam Maddicott
November 16, 2022

The BCCJ is delighted to welcome Control Risks as a corporate member

Control Risks is a worldwide team of experts working together to help your business manage risks and build strategies for a volatile world. From high-level analysis of major trends to on-the-ground security — whatever you’re facing, wherever you’re going, the chances are we’ve been there. Discover more about what we do.


Safeguard your people, operations and assets

Clients have been approaching Control Risks for more than 40 years to safeguard their people, operations and assets. We help you to create truly secure organisations. Since starting out in the security business we have been leading the way with constant innovation.

Through comprehensive operational security risk management, we help you understand your physical, digital and technical security risks. We provide risk-based and proportionate solutions that are robust, well-designed, data-driven and sustainable. Working across security, safety, legal, compliance, business and travel management teams, we help clients augment and transform their security posture. Whether you are a Fortune 500 business or a start-up, our insight, hands-on experience, and technological innovation will keep your organisation ahead in a constantly changing risk landscape.


How we can help

Security Consulting
Our security consultants can provide strategic direction and support to advance your current program and strengthen your organisation’s ability to prepare for and respond to security risks.

Security and Intelligence Programmes
In the ever-changing risk landscape, informed and responsible risk-taking is crucial for any ambitious organisation. Our security and intelligence programmes help organisations manage risk and seize new opportunities.

Risk Monitoring
We provide monitoring services to keep you and your people fully updated on anything that might impact or change your business activities.

Security Design Engineering
Control Risks’ helps you identify and integrate technological and physical security measures into the design of built infrastructure. We work to understand your security risks, operational requirements and design philosophy to keep your workforce and assets safe.

Workplace Violence Prevention and Threat Management
For years, Control Risks has advanced the concepts of proactive workplace violence prevention, threat assessment and threat assessment training, developing programs to identify and mitigate threats before they become a crisis.