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Written by Sterling Content
October 2, 2017


Written by Sterling Content
October 2, 2017

Few companies exemplify the East-meets-West spirit of cooperation championed by the BCCJ like Colt Technology Services does.

Colt was originally two sister companies founded on different continents – one headquartered in London and the other in Tokyo. Both started as network and data centre providers, determined to find their footing. Now, 25 years later, the company’s two branches have merged into a single, global organization that leads the ICT industry, setting the new standard for quality and customer service, as well as pushing cutting-edge connectivity to multiple cloud environments like AWS and Azure, and pioneering technologies like SDN to shape the digital future of the 21st century.

In Asia, Colt has approximately 500 employees with offices in Osaka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Shanghai. Regional assets include its pan-Asian low latency network trusted by the world’s financial firms and stock exchanges, as well as robust data centre facilities in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Korea. The Colt Group overall operates in 28 countries across Asia, Europe, and the U.S. with metropolitan area networks in 49 major cities and connections into over 200 cities globally. Colt operates 29 carrier-neutral data centres in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Why do over 2,000 businesses choose Colt in Asia?

・ Fastest connectivity to Asia’s top stock exchanges
・ Robust infrastructure for colocation and managed services throughout Asia
・ Low latency, global Ethernet and IP network services connecting the world’s major commercial hubs
・ High performance data centre real estate services
・ Truly multilingual service desk with an employee base representing 26 different nationalities

All of Colt’s services in Asia are supported 24x7x365 by a comprehensive bilingual Service Desk in English and Japanese, along with expert consulting to ensure you receive the most effective and beneficial solution for your business. Consequently, with Colt’s reach and comprehensive support across the Asia region, Colt is uniquely positioned to support Asia-based businesses operating and growing within the region, Asia-based enterprises planning to expand into Europe or North America, and multinational enterprises looking to break into the Asian market.

Colt is high bandwidth.
Colt is next-gen network technology.
Visit http://www.colt.net/bccj-contact-us/ for more on the future of data services.