Welcome: Astris Advisory Japan

Written by BCCJ
May 29, 2024


Written by BCCJ
May 29, 2024

Company Profile

At Astris Advisory Japan, our goal is to build strong partnerships with our clients based on trust, understanding, and shared goals. We have a clear vision of who we are in Japan – a premium offering across the corporate advisory, investment research, and placement agency businesses. We are client-focused, servicing a select group of companies, institutions, and funds. Since our founding in the Summer of 2018, our business has continued to grow. We are now a team of over 30 people across 3 different businesses and backed by 5 financial licenses. Our business can be largely broken down into two main themes – outbound – connecting Japanese corporates with the international investment community as well as inbound – helping international investors, funds and companies make meaningful connections in Japan. We believe strongly that Japan remains a fantastic place to do business and we are your gateway here.




Corporate Advisory

Our corporate advisory service is designed to give clients access to a wider range of investors. These include Japan specialists as well as global investors. The goal is to help achieve a fair equity valuation.

We prepare strategies using information from our invaluable readership data tool, which facilitates the most efficient and effective way to increase engagement.

With over 2,500 active contacts, we can help promote listed companies through a targeted approach. Using real data makes it possible to reach investors with a genuine interest in investing and share purchases.

Astris also provide ESG/SDGs consulting services, development of IR materials, M&A advisory, liquidity solutions, and partner in overseas business development activities.


Financial Advisory

Japanese investors often do not have access to the best-performing foreign funds, particularly in the private assets/alternative investments space.

Astris has relationships with funds that have built trust in the global institutional investment community.

We can help with connections to Japanese investors and the due diligence process.


Investment Advisory

Japanese Equity Research distribution for offshore investors with research done by our in-house team of 6 equity analysts.



We work as a partnership and this is a principle that defines the relationship between our people and with our clients. We are a rapidly growing business with big ambitions and our collegiate environment means we all work together to get the best possible results for both the firm and our clients. Many of our employees and consultants have long careers in financial services and bring their experience and relationships to our business on a daily basis.