“We create change-makers”–Hult EF Refreshes Brand Slogan

Written by BCCJ
July 3, 2023


Written by BCCJ
July 3, 2023

EF Corporate Education Co., Ltd. (Japan Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Asia-Region Vice President Steven Ellis, hereinafter Hult EF), a globally expanding corporate educational institution, announced its new brand slogan “We create changemakers,” to further convey the importance of the unification between human resource and business strategy. Its company website has been renewed accordingly.

In addition to the English education that inherits the DNA of EF Education First (EF), it is integrated with Hult Ashridge, the executive education institution of Hult International Business School, to develop global communication skills, performance, and leadership skills that will transform to create Change-makers within talents and organization.

Through comprehensive programs such as language, intercultural communication, leadership, performance, and coaching, which are the core of human skills, we aim to synchronize organizational business strategy and human resource development.

Regarding the new brand slogan, Bjorn Bengtsson, CEO of the company, said: “We, like you, are navigating this era of constant change to our working world. We see the shifts to new working patterns, to more globalized and dispersed teams, and larger and less clear roles that require new skills, as opportunities for extraordinary growth and development for those we care about most – your people.

Our core belief is that humans have remarkable capacity to change the world for the better. Releasing that potential lies in our ability to learn, and keep learning, so we can become masters of change, able to make a difference – for ourselves, our organizations and the wider communities we are a part of.

At Hult EF, we have a long history of creating change-makers through our unique approach to learning that’s practical and immersive. From our origins of offering the first experiential language learning programs in the 1960’s, to our relational approach to coaching and our leadership simulations recreating real-life business scenarios – we deliver learning that sticks, with long lasting and positive change.”

Tad Enomoto, Head of People & Culture for JPAC Region at Sanofi, former HR leader at RICOH Company, Ltd. said, “The era in which human resources issues can be solved with HR expertise is over. Simple tasks have been replaced by AI and robots, and the major differentiator of companies is human capital. I look forward to building a partnership that can walk together to develop talents that combines a bird’s-eye view that captures things on a global scale, a mindset to explore and propose ways to do things rather than seek reasons why they can’t do it and leadership that can perform as a team even in a VUCA environment.”

Since the launch of the Hult EF brand in October 2021, EF Corporate Education Co., Ltd. has increased its influence not only in Japan and South Korea, but globally. We provide support to create diversity in both talents as well as organization.

Along with this branding reform, Rie Yamanaka will be appointed as the new country manager for Japan and South Korea. Through her past experiences working for a global IT vendor and a major consulting firm, Yamanaka has experiences (is an expert) in managing multiple start-up companies with their go-to-market strategies. At Hult EF, Yamanaka will focus on strengthening the global human resource development business as a changemaker that can face the rapidly transforming business market.

Yamanaka said, “Corporate management is becoming increasingly difficult due to a series of unpredictable challenges such as the COVID pandemic, Russo-Ukrainian War, and climate problems. For companies to survive in such a turbulent environment, talents who can provide a solution at a global level is essential. With Hult EF’s insight and reliable process, we wish to support and achieve developing talents who can become change-makers within the organization.”

In the fast-changing new world of global business, Japan, in particular, is beginning to fall behind other countries in terms of communication skills and lack of human talents. At Hult EF, in addition to expanding our support to partnering companies in Japan, we support organizational reforms by training leaders to become Change-makers within individuals and organizations.