Versant by Pearson English Certificate launches in Japan in partnership with Nikkei

Written by BCCJ
October 24, 2023


Written by BCCJ
October 24, 2023

Access the best job opportunities with Pearson’s new English test

Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, today launches its latest direct-to-consumer English proficiency certification, aimed at young professionals and committed learners looking to advance their careers.

The Versant by Pearson English Certificate is now available in Japan, a country with an increasing need for proven English skills amongst its workforce. For the launch, Pearson has partnered with Nikkei, the leading economic media brand in Asia, continuing their long-standing strategic partnership.

Versant by Pearson English Certificate is available on-demand, can be taken online anytime and anywhere, and takes just one hour to complete. A score is available in minutes with a certificate and a Credly digital badge following in just 48 hours.

Versant by Pearson English Certificate is developed in response to the market demanding a test that accurately measures fundamental English communication skills such as speaking and writing, in work-relevant contexts. It assesses test takers’ English in everyday and professional settings, such as drafting an email, summarizing key points from a group discussion and responding to customer online posts.

Gio Giovannelli, President of English Language Learning at Pearson, said: “We know that businesses are looking for a test that shows if a candidate has the English skills needed to succeed in a global economy.”

“We believe the Versant by Pearson English Certificate is the answer they have been looking for. It is developed to provide a portable and verifiable credential that proves a candidate’s ability to use English in relevant, work-related settings. It is a fully certificated, secure test that people can flexibly take online anytime, anywhere”.

“We look forward to developing our relationship with our strategic partner in Japan, Nikkei, to offer Versant by Pearson English Certificate, alongside our existing Versant portfolio, as a complete testing, learning and certification solution that can help businesses find, recruit and retain the best English-proficient talent in the market.”

Yuichiro Watanabe, Executive Officer at Nikkei, said: “This new language test features a cutting-edge AI-scoring system, alongside propriety technology for voice, face, ID recognition and digital credentialling. This ensures that certification is fast, accurate and secure. We are confident that the Versant by Pearson English Certificate is a game-changing leap forward in proving and certificating English skills in Japan.”

Pearson plans to launch Versant by Pearson English Certificate in other markets starting in early 2024.

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