Vaccinations in Japan – Can you introduce doctors / medical professionals?

Written by BCCJ
June 11, 2021


Written by BCCJ
June 11, 2021

This week the BCCJ team have been actively scoping the opportunity to support Japan’s COVID-19 vaccination roll out. Various BCCJ stakeholders – including member companies and other international chambers of commerce and trade organisations – are poised and ready to collaborate on this matter of national importance.

Companies with more than 1000 employees in Japan are to be given the opportunity to organise their own vaccination efforts. Companies with fewer than 1000 employees (most BCCJ member companies are included in this bracket) are invited by the Japanese Government to join forces, possibly in association with chambers of commerce, to source innoculation venues, and medical personnel, and gather at least 1000 “patients” to be vaccinated. The Japanese Government will in turn, provide refrigeration units and vaccines free of charge.

While the situation is evolving the BCCJ team is working to understand the extent we can usefully and effectively contribute to the response to this public health situation.

Innoculation Centres

In the meantime we understand that, of the Chamber’s approximately 180 member companies, at least one organisation has received permission to serve as a COVID-19 innoculation centre for Minato ward. The organisation is currently finalising details of the centre’s launch and are hoping to begin their vaccination drive as early as June 17.

As a nationally-endorsed innoculation centre, the location will be following government protocols. The first round of vaccinations will be given to Minato Ward residents aged 65 and over. Given the urgency, it is believed that eligibility will be rapidly expanded to the general population.

Since vaccine deployment has been identified as the biggest obstacle in Japan, enlisting the support of doctors, dentists and nurses (licensed to practice in Japan) is now paramount.

The above innoculation centre is planning to run five vaccination “lanes” over three four-hour shifts each day. With each shift requiring five doctors/dentists and eight nurses, the centre will need to secure the help of a large set of medical professionals.

The BCCJ understands that those doctors, dentists and nurses offering their time will be compensated in accordance with Japanese government guidelines.

Make A Difference

Local innoculation centres and our community need your help to enlist doctors, dentists, and nurses to support Japan’s vaccination roll out. If you or a medical colleague licensed in Japan are interested in taking part in this vital project, please email: [email protected].


As ever, the BCCJ is committed to acting in the best interests of our members and the communities of which we are a part. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide the BCCJ and our wider ecosystem in Japan.

We pledge to keep you updated.