Tribal i-graduate – The Global Student Experience 2023

Written by BCCJ
July 13, 2023


Written by BCCJ
July 13, 2023

Report: The Global Student Experience – 2023 insights and analysis from the world’s largest student survey….

The 2023 Student Barometer data shines a light on multiple positive trajectories in education institutions, as well as a more optimistic picture regionally and globally, as institutions continue evolving in a post-pandemic landscape where the legacy of the pandemic had impacted student satisfaction.

Student behaviour, expectations and demands are shifting more so than ever before, just as the Higher Education sector has changed in recent years. Through the insight and analysis provided via the Student Barometer survey, we aim to support institutions around the world in responding to such changes and providing the best possible experience for current and future students.



Excerpt: The integration of international students
– a view from Asia | Guy Perring (BCCJ Nominated Representative)

For all of us involved in international education, we know that one of the key factors to make the experience a more fruitful one is the level of integration students feel they have achieved during the time at their institution and their general sense of belonging. Pre-pandemic there was a lot of debate about what successful integration looked like, and should international students have a separate service or should they all be subsumed under a single contact point for all students.

Naturally there are some specific needs for international students such as getting, maintaining and renewing their visas. But, in general, those institutions who treated international students as part of the overall student body have had more success in engendering feelings of overall integration. This is true across the full range of student interactions such as the accommodation office, finance, social clubs and sporting activities.

Of course, the pandemic threw all these issues of integration into stark relief – there is not much integration when you are confined to a student accommodation’s four walls – and worries about the level of integration were replaced by major concerns about the level of isolation felt by newly arrived international students.

Post-Pandemic, the results of our 2022 Student Barometer provide insight into the levels of integration that students are currently feeling and explore how institutions can create a ‘sense of belonging’ for each student despite the challenges that remain in areas of housing, language, access to internships and the potential for future careers.


Report: The Global Student Experience

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