Tech Hack | UK-Japan Innovation Ecosystems in 2019-2020

Written by BCCJ
July 10, 2019


Written by BCCJ
July 10, 2019

Guests of the BCCJ came together on July 9 to generate new ideas on implementation and integration of tech in the workplace, as well as set a progressive chamber agenda driven by emerging technologies and innovation.

The event at the BCCJ Hub was part of the chamber’s Hackathon series, designed to promote creative thinking and problem solving by bringing together BCCJ members as well as external stakeholders, and boost innovation through inclusion and diversity.

Ideas from the hackathon will be presented to the BCCJ’s Executive Committee next week, and incorporated as part of the chamber’s 2019-2020 strategy.

Notes from the 3 initial breakout groups (Communications, Events, Membership):

Background to the Tech Hack

UK-Japan relations were buoyed in the first week of 2019, thanks to a visit to London by Prime Minister Abe who along with PM May pledged GBP30m of initial funding for cutting-edge technology that boosts innovation, create high-skilled jobs, and improve people’s quality of life. 

British and Japanese experts are now working side-by-side on projects tackling the grand challenges identified by the UK’s modern Industrial Strategy, and Japan’s Society 5.0. The work will, among other things, focus on accelerating medical research and technological advances, providing greener solutions for transport and energy storage, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data, and finding ethical ways to make sure of big data for business.

The funding is part of a £79 million investment in international projects announced on 22 January 2019, that will see UK researchers and innovators working with their counterparts across the globe. This initiative aims to enhance the UK’s excellence in research and innovation through global engagement, forging new bilateral and multilateral research and innovation programmes with global partners.

BCCJ 5.0

Since January, we have been running the BCCJ 5.0 initiative: an initiative focused on three pillars which we believe are vital for the future growth and sustainability of the Japanese and global economy:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Digital and Tech Innovation
  • Responsible Business 

Having run hackathons on D&I and Responsible Business, we decided to take the next step towards greater progress through the ‘Tech Hack’.

The ‘Tech Hack’ pooled attendees’ collective wisdom and generated Digi-Tech Innovation ideas leading towards tangible changes in BCCJ member firms across Japan on the road to 2030.