Standard Chartered Bank support “UK Export Finance Seminar”

Written by Sam Maddicott
June 27, 2018


Written by Sam Maddicott
June 27, 2018

Event poster from UK Export Finance seminar, held 26 April, 2018

UK Export Finance (“UKEF”) Seminar in Tokyo

Standard Chartered Bank supported “UK Export Finance Seminar”, jointly sponsored by the British Embassy Tokyo and OCAJI (The Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc). The Seminar introduced UKEF’s program to Japanese exporters, aiming at furthering business collaborations between UK and Japan in 3rd countries. This was the first UKEF seminar in Japan.

Stronger business tie between Japan and UK

UKEF signed a re-insurance agreement with Nippon Export and Investment Insurance in 2017, while the Department of International Trad (DIT) signed a UK’s DIT and Japan Bank International Cooperation MoU to promote infrastructure investment by Japanese companies in the UK. The collaboration in business between the 2 countries has been backed-up by the government, and Standard Chartered soon introduced a unique UK ECA program to Japanese clients for potential collaboration.

Get into Africa

UKEF is proactively consulting with exporters and advising them how their export could fit to the UKEF programme. In many cases, when Japanese exporters go to Africa, export content is not necessarily high quality goods and services Japan goods/service to save the cost-competitive: sometime procuring significant portion from other countries like Turkey and China, which make Japanese export eligible for Japan ECA supports. The Seminar intended to introduce Japanese exporters to:

– the basis UKEF Program

– how to consult with UKEF

– introduce success cases.

UKEF has very strong networks in Africa, which offers many attractive locations for Japanese exporters.