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Written by BCCJ
March 15, 2024


Written by BCCJ
March 15, 2024

Sasuga Communications K. K. provides award-winning, practical, uplifting programs and resources to help business leaders and high-potential individuals – especially women – in Japan and beyond to discover how to enjoy “less effort and more impact,” so that they can do brilliant work without sacrificing their wellbeing and personal lives.




We offer corporate training, executive coaching, and group programs in English and Japanese in…

  • Women’s Success
  • Presentation Skills
  • Leadership and Communication


Women’s Success Essentials (WiSE) 

WiSE is a life-changing, 5-month small-group experience for super-busy, growth-minded women in business. 

It’s unique because it’s founded on the Sasuga! Success Cycle and the counterintuitive combination of

  1. developing and refining high-impact professional skills
  2. prioritizing physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing (which many high-potential women in business tend to neglect)


Phase 1: Care For You – embracing selfcare as a success strategy – not just physical selfcare, but also thought patterns and habits for more positivity and energy at work

Phase 2: Create Your Plan – developing a personal and professional vision, setting meaningful, measurable, and manageable goals, and planning realistically toward them in a demanding work environment

Phase 3: Communicate Your Ideas – speaking up clearly, confidently, and convincingly, facilitating meetings efficiently, and understanding influencing essentials

Phase 4: Complete Your Tasks – getting the important things done at the right time by setting boundaries and using best practice techniques for productivity


Typical participants:
High-potential, time-crunched, Japan-based female managers and above in global corporations and entrepreneurs.

Proven Results:
🔥 More time and energy
🔥 Greater confidence and assertiveness
🔥 Clearer, more persuasive communication
🔥 Clarity about priorities and ability to focus
🔥 Greater job satisfaction (including promotions)
🔥 Finally feeling at ease with work-life balance!
🔥 Making selfcare a habit even with a busy schedule

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The #LessEffortMoreImpact Movement for Women in Business (LEMI) 

LEMI is an uplifting community for growth-minded women in Japan and beyond to do brilliant work without sacrificing our personal lives.



Our events and resources focus on

CONNECTION – Members enjoy connecting across industries and nationalities, sharing fresh perspectives and possibilities for professional women.

CARE – With selfcare as a success strategy, we explore and embrace practical ways to enjoy less effort and more impact in our work and lives.

COURAGE – We inspire each other to develop the courage to step out of our comfort zones, so that we can stop depleting ourselves through physical, mental, and emotional overdoing.

Only then can we start enjoying our work and life to the fullest!

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