New BCCJ Executive Committee Elected at AGM 2023

Written by BCCJ
April 28, 2023


Written by BCCJ
April 28, 2023

The results of the BCCJ’s contested 2023-2024 BCCJ Executive Committee (Excom) Election were announced and approved at last night’s Annual General Meeting (Thursday, April 27).

Held at Charmant Scena Tokyo in Omotesando, the meeting was opened by Director of Trade and Investment, British Embassy Tokyo, Darren Goff, who highlighted the success of the UK-Japan relationship over the past year and exciting milestones ahead.

Darren acknowledged the work achieved by BCCJ members in support of this relationship, and said that the British Embassy was looking forward to continued close collaboration with the BCCJ over the coming months.

BCCJ President Richard Lyle took attendees through an insightful presentation, reflecting on a positive year at the Chamber as members reconnected, whilst the Chamber advanced its strategy of merging the best of online and in-person events. Initiatives such as International Women’s Month 2023, BCCJ SME and Startup Night and a members-only LinkedIn group have been introduced to further enable members to make the most of their membership whilst a new taskforce, ‘External Affairs’, was introduced at an Executive Committee level to further strengthen the BCCJ’s relationship with key stakeholders in Japan and the UK.



Richard closed his speech by sharing some of his fondest memories serving Chamber members in his first year of Presidency before thanking Committee members for their continued support.

Electing the Executive Committee

BCCJ Executive Director, Sarah Backley then announced the Excom election results. “As you know, from March 4, we rolled out an online election, asking all nominated representatives of BCCJ member companies to vote for the candidates they believed should be elected to serve on the Excom this coming year. Under our constitution, the Executive Committee is run by a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 individuals.

The following 15 BCCJ members will form the 2023-2024 Excom.”


– Richard Lyle, VP & FDI, Intralink KK

Executive Committee

  1. Alison Beale, University of Oxford Japan Office
  2. Andrijana Cvetkovikj, BrioNexus KK
  3. Ken Katayama, Individual Member
  4. Tove Kinooka, Global Perspectives K.K.
  5. Kentaro Kiso, Barclays Securities Japan Limited
  6. Junko Kubokawa, Croda Japan K.K.
  7. James Littlewood, EY Strategy and Consulting Company
  8. Richard Lyle, Intralink KK* (Presidential Candidate)
  9. Mark McFarlane, TACCHI K.K.
  10. James Nepaulsingh, Individual Member
  11. Takuji Okubo, Individual Member
  12. Sven Palys, Yuzu Kyodai
  13. Vivian Tokai, Economist Intelligence Corporate Network
  14. Edward Weeks, HSBC
  15. Taisuke Yokota, Camping with Soul Japan Ltd


Other Business

The election of the new committee, statement of accounts and appointment of auditors (HLS Global) were all approved in the majority.