Member Gets Member: a refresher!

Written by BCCJ
February 16, 2022
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Written by BCCJ
February 16, 2022
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Did you know that all BCCJ members can take advantage of the BCCJ Member-Gets-Member (MGM) scheme? MGM was launched in 2016, devised by the then Membership Taskforce led by Iain Ferguson (Lloyds), with a view to growing the collective strength of our network.

MGM: What is it?

The MGM scheme is very simple, and all members can take advantage of it. Each member who introduces a new member—in any membership category—will receive a “credit” to their BCCJ account equivalent to 50% of the new member’s first annual membership fee.

This MGM “credit” may be used against the cost of the existing member’s membership fee or to cover event participation fees.

MGM – how to?

1. Identify a new BCCJ member company

2. Complete the Contact Form, in English or Japanese. (Or mail [email protected]) Specify you would like to know more about MGM.

3. We will be in touch!


*In order to be eligible for the MGM scheme, the above process must happen before the new member has paid BCCJ membership fees.

If you know a company that might be keen to join our vibrant BCCJ network of professionals, do let us know!

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