Is COVID redefining Responsible Business?

Written by BCCJ
April 10, 2020


Written by BCCJ
April 10, 2020

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The dislocation and disruption caused by COVID is immense. For many businesses, the first priority is survival, and that is challenge enough. But an eye on the longer term is also necessary – when will recovery come, what will it look like, and how will the business world have changed? While it is still early in the process, the BCCJ Responsible Business leaders will discuss how COVID is changing the conversation around major business issues – what are customers, governments and public sector, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the entire business ecosystem demanding of businesses and how should business respond? What about existing issues of Responsible Business – climate, sustainability and people?

This programme replaces a previously advertised event on Decarbonisation, Business and the Planet. We will run that event at a later date. We strive to keep our event programme topical and relevant so we have changed the programme to reflect the impact of COVID – we hope you understand.

Tove Kinooka | Global Perspectives

Tove Kinooka founded Global Perspectives K.K. in 2015 with her business partner Gavin Dixon. They are sustainability business partners who work together with their clients to create sustainable behavioural transformation in leaders and organisational culture that in turn leads to a positive impact on our society and environment. Through collaborative partnerships with One Young World’s Japan Committee and RIJ (Refugees International Japan), Global Perspectives delivers unique experiences and insights that connect and apply business strategies and expertise to the U.N. SDGs, and address the most challenging issues facing our society today.

Heather McLeish | EY Japan

Heather is a Director in the EY Japan Financial Services Advisory practice leading the business development and go to market efforts. Before joining this team she was a Senior Manager and leader of the EY Japan sustainability advisory known as CCaSS (Climate Change & Sustainability Service). She was responsible for the overall business development of the CCaSS team and focused on how institutional investors are pushing companies for better disclosure and reporting on non-financial risks. She focused heavily on merging business and stakeholder interests to create practical solutions for companies.


David Bickle | BCCJ President