ESR Summer School conducts complimentary classes for children in ESR Kuki Distribution Centre

Written by BCCJ
July 29, 2022


Written by BCCJ
July 29, 2022

BCCJ Platinum member ESR has opened their Summer School from this week, at the day-care centre in the ESR Kuki Distribution Centre (“Kuki DC”), the largest class logistics facility in Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture for employees’ children of tenant companies in Kuki DC.

The ESR Summer School sits at the heart of the Group’s ESG focus to develop logistics  facilities with a “Human Centric  Design”. The Summer School is one of ESR’s various social initiatives, including the day-care centre space “BARNKLÜBB” in any logistics facility with a total floor area of 100,000 sqm, providing bilingual education and a high-quality childcare environment for children of employees at their facilities. The ESR Summer School will utilise the space in the “BARNKLÜBB” in Kuki DC to provide free English classes for children of employees from tenant companies located in  Kuki DC, a multi-tenant logistics facility with a total floor area of 152,000 sqm completed in September 2018 in Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture. Kuki DC serves as one of the major logistics hubs in Japan, to serve the demand for logistics in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Tohoku region.

In addition to the Kuki DC, ESR operates “BARNKLÜBB Ichikawa” in Ichikawa DC  (Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture) and “BARNKLÜBB  Amagasaki” in Amagasaki DC  (Amagasaki  City,  Hyogo  Prefecture), which  provide  high-quality  bilingual  childcare services at no cost, and have been well received by parents who work for the tenant companies in these facilities. These social initiatives from the ESR Group are ways to attract talent to join companies located in ESR logistics centres based in the Greater metropolitan areas.

The ESR Summer School utilised the BARNKLÜBB space in Kuki DC for the first time during the summer of 2019, for children of employees of tenant companies in Kuki DC.    Parents welcomed the school programme, and interviews with tenant companies showed a high demand for such an initiative, which has led the ESR Group to open its Summer School for the second time this year. This year, the school will be opened and will conduct free classes from July 25 to August 19 for children aged 4 to 6th grade  (12 years old).

The operation of ESR Summer School is managed by a childcare business management service company, Joysuppo Joysuppo has an established reputation for its various initiatives to support parents to balance work and childcare, and has also been commissioned to operate the BARNKLÜBB Ichikawa  and BARNKLÜBB Amagasaki. ESR Summer School is staffed by 2-3 Joysuppo staff, with a specialised instructor in charge of  individual content each morning and afternoon. English content is provided daily, and one foreign teacher is stationed to provide basic communications in English. To date, the school has received 203 applications (4-year-olds: 11, 5-year-olds: 14,  grade 1: 41, grade 2: 40, grade 3: 63, grade 5: 34). Children may attend for any number of days during the term.

Various English contents such as English lessons by foreign instructors, crafts and art will be offered on a daily basis to help children develop their English skills and imagination in fun and creative ways. In addition, the children will learn creativity, expression, self-affirmation, acceptance, and understanding of others through the “Kids Theatre Class,” a drama class taught by actor, director, and scriptwriter Hideki Kobayashi, and enjoy improving their motor skills on the trampoline, mat, and other exercise classes. In addition, they will offer morning meetings with daily recreational activities and homework time every day during the summer vacation to help children develop good study habits.

According to the “2021 Children’s Summer Vacation Awareness Survey” conducted by the e-Learning Institute, English / English conversation is ranked as the top learning choice amongst children during their summer vacation. ESR plans to open a Spring school in Ichikawa DC next year, and will also consider expanding the school to other distribution facilities.


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