Confronting Covid: A photographic record of how BCCJ members lived through the pandemic

Written by BCCJ
January 29, 2021


Written by BCCJ
January 29, 2021

What was it like?

We are – hopefully – heading in the right direction with Covid. And – again, hopefully – it will be a unique experience. With this, we think it is worth recording what is has meant for BCCJ members, families and friends. So please help us with our Confronting Covid project.

We’d like to put together a collection of photos taken by you recording what life was like during the pandemic. Using these 3 categories, please send us up to 6 photos to [email protected] which express your life and experience in these unusual times:

  • Life and family
  • Work
  • City and community

To give a real snapshot of the times we are living in, please submit pictures taken between Sunday 7th February and Sunday 21st February. You can use whatever equipment you like, and there’s no need to date stamp. If you need some text to explain why you have chosen a particular image (for example, the empty streets, everyone in masks, or your cat asleep on your laptop in your home office…) then that is fine too. You don’t need to submit in each category, and you can send in fewer than 6 pictures as well.

We hope in this way that the BCCJ will have an interesting, entertaining and informative archive of pictures to look back on when all of this is behind us. We ask that you use your imagination and creative powers to tell the future what now is really like.


Submit your photos: [email protected]