BCCJ welcomes over 250 guests to Royal Wedding Viewing Party

Written by Sam Maddicott
May 22, 2018


Written by Sam Maddicott
May 22, 2018

On May 19, high-spirited crowds congregated outside Windsor Castle to witness an event for the history books – the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  Meanwhile, 6000 miles away in the sparkling surroundings of the Conrad Tokyo, 253 friends of the BCCJ gathered to cheer, whoop, shout and sing along with proceedings at our Royal Wedding Viewing Party extravaganza. Hosted across two bunting-bedecked venues, China Blue and 28 Bar & Lounge, guests watched the excitement unfold on large screens, with many of our congregation adorned in hats on par with those in Windsor. As the happy couple tied the knot in spectacular, modern fashion, there was no shortage of special moments. From Bishop Curry’s uninhibited 14-minute speech accompanied by lively expressions from the Royal family, to the breaks-from-tradition that rippled throughout the event – and all on a day when even the British weather behaved. 
Cheers and happy tears from members and guests of the BCCJ, ANZCCJ, SACCJ, ACCJ, DCCJ and the Japan-British Society, all who made it a night to remember. We would like to extend a special thank you to the Conrad Tokyo team led by General Manager Neil McInnes, for allowing us to host the event in super style. Special thanks also go to the BBC Japan team for providing us with a very special live broadcast which was delivered seamlessly throughout the evening.


Coverage to be included on ABC’s “The Story of the Royals”, airing as a primetime special in August.

5月19日、ウィンザー城にてイギリス王室 ヘンリー王子とメーガン・マークルのロイヤル ウェディングが執り行われました。9,500km離れたここ日本では、BCCJメンバー、関係者がコンラッド東京に集まり、2人の華やかな式を見守りました。  

Royal Wedding Viewing Party I & II – May 19, 2018, Conrad Tokyo

An extravagent cake, British bunting, Kirsty Young and Huw Edwards in the commentary box; looks like we have a Royal Wedding party on our hands! ___ 

 With doors open and dusk falling, guests chatter and cheer in the China Blue and 28 Bar and Lounge  ___ 

As high-profile guests pour in to Windsor Castle, wine pours into the glasses of our excited party goers  ___ 

Could it be, a first glimse at the bride? Or Bishop Curry’s passionate, uninhibited speech? ___  

It could! A first glimse at the bride that is.  ___  

 Hip hip hooray! 

 A moment followed by an embrassive mix of emotions ___ 

More sparkling? Well, we did not say this was an afternoon tea party! ___ 

Nothing says Royal Weddings more than waving tiny British flags! ___ 

A quick raffle, and with the Royals off to the wedding reception at Frogmore House, the unforgettable night draws to a close . . . ___ 

Or was it the Conrad Tokyo they ended up at . . .  Full event photos can be accessed on the BCCJ Flickr HERE