BCCJ Support Mission to Noto Peninsula | June 17-19

Written by BCCJ
May 23, 2024


Written by BCCJ
May 23, 2024

As a continuation of the Chamber’s mission to the Noto Peninsula on February 8, the BCCJ will embark on a second trip from June 17-19. The focus will be on assisting projects in the city of Wajima.


Wajima Overview:

Despite steady progress, there is still a call for help with the time-consuming work of clearing debris alongside other tasks critical to repairing the local infrastructure.

Wajima city initially set up 154 shelters to host 12,900 evacuees. Although this number has gradually decreased as residents moved to other places, there are still an estimated 1,364 evacuees in 49 shelters (mid-April figures). Many of those who remain in shelters are still waiting to move into temporary housing, while others hope to repair their quake-damaged homes.



There are 3 ways for BCCJ members to get involved:
• volunteering support (limited to 10 participants)
• donation of goods
• financial donations


Volunteering agenda

Status: waiting list

The BCCJ is coordinating a trip as closely as possible to the following times. These may be subject to slight alteration closer to the date.

June 17:
12 PM | Meet at Kanazawa Central Station, East Exit
1 PM |Depart from Kanazawa
3:30 PM | Arrive at Wajima
4 PM | Meeting with Wajima Chamber of Commerce
5:30 PM | Check in to hotel in Wajima
7 PM | Dinner with members of the Wajima Chamber of Commerce (to be confirmed)

June 18:
All Day | Local volunteering activities led by Wajima’s Social Welfare Council

June 19:
AM | Visit nearby shelter(s) to provide donated luxury UK items for elevenses
Noon | Arrive at Kanazawa station


Please note:

  • Transportation costs to and from Kanazawa, as well as hotel costs in Wajima will not be covered by the BCCJ. Transportation between Kanazawa and Wajima will be organised by the BCCJ.
  • We are pleased to share that a small number of hotels and restaurants in Wajima have reopened following water restoration to certain areas. The BCCJ will reserve rooms.
  • Spaces will be prioritised to those who can commit to the full trip. That being said, if you would like to join for just activities on June 18, please do get in touch.


How to Apply:


Donation of goods

Status: accepting goods

The BCCJ is welcoming donations of luxury goods. Basic necessities are in good supply, however, as evident in the BCCJ’s earlier prior visit to the Noto Peninsula, ‘luxury’ or ‘unique’ goods are very welcome! Whether that be tea, scones, jaffa cakes or even bottles of wine for guests in the shelter to share, we would be happy to deliver goods to those still in shelters and share photos following the trip.

  • To ensure we have enough capacity to take your goods or have them delivered on time,  we will be closing the acceptance date on June 5.


Cash donations

A global outpouring from all corners of the planet raised significant funds for Noto-based charities and the local prefecture fund. Our contacts in Noto Peninsula have stated that they would prefer the kind donation of goods at this time. However, if you would be interested in submitting a donation, we can share this with the Wajima Chamber of Commerce to support local projects.