BCCJ 5.0 Project launched!

Written by BCCJ
January 18, 2019


Written by BCCJ
January 18, 2019

British Chamber of Commerce in Japan launches new vision project at 2019 New Year Party

Last night, the BCCJ was pleased to launch a new vision project, setting the tone for Chamber activities in 2019 and beyond.

BCCJ 5.0 is designed to connect members with a future of innovation and inclusion, while staying true to the BCCJ mission of strengthening business ties between the UK and Japan.

A mega year for Japan

Over 100 members and guests were reminded by BCCJ President David Bickle of the exciting year that lies ahead for Japan. Not only will the country announce a new Imperial era (May); it will also host its first ever G20 Summit (June); and stage the Rugby World Cup 2019 (Sep – Nov).

UK-Japan relations received a boost in the first week of the year, thanks to a visit to PM May London by Prime Minister Abe. Both leaders pledged GBP30m of initial funding for cutting-edge technology that boosts innovation, create high-skilled jobs, and improve people’s quality of life.

2019 will also be the first year that British and Japanese experts will work side-by-side on projects tackling the grand challenges identified by the UK’s modern Industrial Strategy, and Japan’s Society 5.0.

This work will, among other things, focus on accelerating medical research and technological advances, providing greener solutions for transport, and energy storage, and finding ethical ways to make sure of big data for business.

What is Society 5.0?

Society 5.0 is a framework for creating a ‘super smart’ society, in which cutting-edge technology, the internet of things, and AI are implemented to solve 21st century issues. This follows Society 1.0 (Hunter Gatherer); 2.0 (Agriculture); 3.0 (Industrial); and 4.0 (Information).

What is BCCJ 5.0?

With key elements of Society 5.0 aligning with core, existing BCCJ values around Diversity & Inclusion, Digital & Tech Innovation, and Responsible Business, the Chamber has designed a vision project that will take the organisation into 2019 and beyond.

BCCJ President David Bickle said, “BCCJ 5.0 will be driven by these three key pillars, which we believe are vital for the sustainable growth of the Japanese and British economies. He went on, “The pursuit of sustainability or acting sustainably is implicitly part of everything we do at the Chamber. Our 5.0 conviction positions are clearly aligned with our greater mission statement. Delivering programmes that are driven by these topics is BCCJ’s way of achieving its goal of strengthening trust & opportunities in bilateral business”.

Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director of the BCCJ said, “Most visibly, BCCJ 5.0 will bring to members, knowledgeable speakers on ground-breaking topics. Behind the scenes, the BCCJ team will be dedicating time and resources to driving an innovative and inclusive future for UK-Japan relations. She encouraged all BCCJ members to actively participate in this year’s 5.0 activities, “shaping a progressive, human-centric society that faces modern challenges head on”.

To learn more about the BCCJ’s 5.0 project, please email: [email protected]

BCCJ 5.0 – Connecting you to a Future of Innovation and Inclusion