2024-2025 BCCJ Executive Committee Election – VOTE NOW

Written by BCCJ
April 4, 2024


Written by BCCJ
April 4, 2024

At 17:00 on March 28, the application period for the 2024-2025 BCCJ Executive Committee (Excom) and President closed. This year, 24 candidates are competing for 15 Excom seats.

Excom should represent an appropriate balance of members of the business community with specific skills and experiences that will benefit the BCCJ and its membership at large.


Who is standing for election?

The following 24 candidates, listed in alphabetical order of first names, have confirmed their willingness to serve on the 2024-2025 BCCJ Executive Committee.

  • Alison Beale, University of Oxford Japan Office
  • Amir Kahn, Individual Member
  • Benjamin Cordier, RGF Executive Search Japan
  • Daniel Bolger, FGS Global
  • Edward Weeks, HSBC
  • Heather Prosser, Morrow Sodali Japan
  • Hideo Tomita, London Stock Exchange Group
  • James Nepaulsingh, Individual Member
  • Jonathan Ingram, Kyndryl
  • Junko Kubokawa, Croda Japan
  • Keith Thomas, EY Japan
  • Ken Katayama, Individual Member
  • Kentaro Kiso, Barclays
  • Mark Dytham, Klein Dytham architecture
  • Matthew Tappenden, Individual Member
  • Nick Heald, Turner & Townsend KK
  • Nicola Vote, Individual Member
  • Nora Yamada, The British School in Tokyo
  • Richard Lyle, Intralink KK* (Presidential Candidate)
  • Rob Peer, BAE Systems
  • Rob Williams, AP Advisers
  • Simon Farrell, Individual Member
  • Sven Palys, Yuzu Kyodai
  • Vivian Tokai, Individual Member

Of the above, Richard Lyle has indicated his willingness to serve for one year as President of the Chamber and Chair of the Executive Committee. Richard qualifies for, and is therefore proposed to serve as FY2024-2025 BCCJ President, conditional to his being elected onto Excom.

BCCJ 2024-2025 Executive Committee Election Booklet

Read the BCCJ 2024-25 Executive Committee Election Booklet for the full list of candidates and their pledges to the BCCJ HERE

How are votes cast?

On Thursday, April 4, eligible voters will have received an email with a unique link asking them to vote – anonymously and via a secure online voting platform – for the candidates they wish to represent the membership at Excom level in Chamber year 2024-2025.

The voting form is comprised of one section:

i) Excom Election: choose between 1-15 candidates (from 24 possible candidates) to be elected as Excom members.

We encourage all members with voting rights to exercise their right to vote.

BCCJ Nominated Representatives & Individual Members have 3 options available to submit their vote.

Electronic voting:  On April 4, 1700, nominated representatives will have received an email containing a secure electronic voting link. If for any reason you think you should have received this email but have not, please email the BCCJ at [email protected]

Postal/Proxy Vote: If nominated representatives wish to vote by post or proxy, please email the BCCJ at [email protected] and a member of the Chamber team can email you the relevant form.

Voting ends on Friday, April 19 at 1700.


When are the results announced?

The results of the 2024-2025 Excom election will be announced at the BCCJ Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held from 1830-2030 on Thursday, April 25 at Charmant Scena Tokyo, in the presence of HM Ambassador to Japan, Julia Longbottom CMG. This event includes a buffet and drinks reception and is free for all BCCJ members (currently limited to one representative per company due to capacity).

BCCJ Annual General Meeting 2024
Thursday, 25 April 2024
Charmant Scena Tokyo



  • FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 28
    Excom application period: BCCJ office accepts completed 2024-2025 Excom application forms (including applications for President)
  • APRIL 4 – APRIL 19
    Excom election period: An election booklet of candidates will be published. BCCJ nominated representatives can vote for their preferred Executive Committee and Presidential candidates via an online poll, or by post/proxy
  • APRIL 25
    BCCJ Annual General Meeting: 2024-2025 Excom and President will be announced

Further reading

– The Excom election decides which members will steer the strategic direction of the BCCJ in Chamber year 2024-2025. Under the BCCJ Constitution, the Excom is run by a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 individuals.

– The application period for the BCCJ 2024-2025 Executive Committee (Excom) and Presidential elections opened on February 19. By the application deadline, March 28 at 1700, we had received 24 nominations that met constitutional guidelines.

– All Excom candidates have adhered to the same format in preparing campaign pledges of no more than 100 words for the election voting site. Beyond this, any campaigning or electioneering by candidates is not permitted.

– Darren Goff (Head of UK Trade and Investment at the British Embassy Tokyo) and Matt Knowles (Director of the British Council, Japan) will continue to represent their respective organisations as ex-officio members of Excom.

Thank you in advance for your active participation in BCCJ Governance, and this year’s BCCJ Excom elections.