2023-2024 BCCJ Executive Committee Elections – Apply Now!

Written by BCCJ
February 21, 2023


Written by BCCJ
February 21, 2023

On Wednesday, February 22, the BCCJ will begin accepting applications for the 2023-2024 BCCJ Executive Committee (Excom). Below you will find everything you need to know about the upcoming elections, what being on the BCCJ’s Excom entails, testimonial messages from current Excom members, and why you may wish to consider joining, to help steer one of Japan’s most active and influential business organisations in the year ahead.




Serving as a member of the BCCJ’s Excom is an exceptional opportunity to lead and develop activities central to the UK-Japan commercial relationship at a time of great significance. While serving on the Committee requires energy, drive and commitment, it also provides a rewarding opportunity to give back to the community, fostering growth opportunities between the two nations.



Role of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (Excom) is a group of 12-15 current BCCJ members, elected by the membership to address pressing issues and to strategise how to provide modern, effective and inclusive Chamber services for its members. Excom decides the overall purpose and direction of the BCCJ and provides a course of action on how the Chamber can best meet the needs of its members over the course of the year. Key responsibilities of Excom, in combination with the BCCJ’s Executive Director, include:

  • Setting suitable organisational aims and objectives;
  • Setting a budget which allows the BCCJ to fulfil its purpose;
  • Agreeing policies, targets and priorities;
  • Monitoring and reviewing the performance of the BCCJ and the Secretariat.

Each Excom member will elect to join one of 4 pillar taskforces, all of which the BCCJ has identified as crucial for the future sustainable growth of business in Japan, the UK, and globally. The taskforces help with defining themes, content and events of interest to the Chamber and supporting membership growth. They also organise quarterly meetings with members to solicit feedback, share information and ensure members’ needs are being met around the 4 pillars.

These pillars are: Responsible Business, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Digital and Tech Innovation, and External Affairs.



Who can Apply for a Seat at the Table?

Any BCCJ member who shares our passion for further enhancing the UK-Japan relationship, and who feels they have something great to offer the chamber is eligible to apply. If you would like to speak with a BCCJ team member to learn more about your Excom suitability, we encourage you to book a 15-minute meeting with a member of the BCCJ team. No matter your background, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Additionally, if you would like to speak with a current Excom member to hear their thoughts of being on the Committee, we would be happy to arrange this.



What’s the timeline?

The 2023-2024 Excom application and election timeline is as follows:

    • Feb 22 – Mar 17
      Excom application period: BCCJ office accepts completed 2022-2023 Excom application forms (including applications for President)
    • Apr 04 – Apr 21
      Excom election period: An election booklet of candidates will be published on April 04. BCCJ nominated representatives can vote for their preferred 2022-23 Executive Committee and Presidential candidate via an online poll, or by post/proxy
    • April 27 – [CHARMANT SCENA TOKYO]
      BCCJ Annual General Meeting: 2023-2024 Excom and President to be announced


Submit your application

If you would like to apply for a BCCJ Executive Committee role and / or the role of BCCJ President, please complete the form below by March 17:



Testimonials from Current Excom Members


Andrijana Cvetkovikj:

Serving on the BCCJ’s Executive Committee over the past year has been an incredibly fulfilling experience. As a member of both the Digi-tech and the newly-formed External Affairs Taskforces, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with others to implement new technology solutions and expand the chamber’s outreach to external stakeholders. Through these efforts, we were able to initiate several new projects that will strengthen the BCCJ and better serve our members. I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the BCCJ’s team led by Sarah, the President, and other board members.


Junko Kubokawa

The experience as an Excom member of BCCJ provides me with great stimulus and with continuous learning opportunities. Being a member of the DEI Taskforce, I am able to better understand this expansive subject through a different lens, and the role it plays on the wider UK-Japan relationship. We are approaching this in small steps through information sharing, discussions and internal initiatives, but it is a very rewarding experience to find ways to add value to our BCCJ members and their organisations, and to the wider society that we engage in. 


James Nepaulsingh

I’ve highlighted and celebrated the achievements and contributions of the Black community in the UK and Japan by coordinating several Black History Month events within the BCCJ and with other BCCJ members, such as the British School in Tokyo. Examples include a webinar of past and present Black students from Oxford University.

I’m a seasoned corporate lawyer, having worked in the profession for around 16 years, and yet I learn something new in every Excom meeting. Our individual skill sets are wide-ranging, which means each of us has a unique way of approaching a problem. It’s fascinating to be a part of that process and I’ve forged friendships for life.


Richard Lyle

I’ve been on Excom for three years now and it has been a great experience for me to grow and learn from a diverse group of Excom members all who bring their own skills and experiences to the table. Our monthly board meetings are always extremely lively, and it is the wide range of opinions and ideas shared that helps us to tackle issues related to the Chamber. It has been especially rewarding to get back to more in-person events and interact more often with the membership, taking on board their views to help guide the Chamber to better serve its members. 


Ken Katayama

Excomでは3年近く拝命しております。理事会の多様性とインサイトにはいつも感銘受けております。BCCJのミッションは「Making conncetions with people who matter」です。本年はより対面で行うイベントが増え、ネットワークする機会も多くなり、ぜひ理事会のメンバーとも情報交換する機会も増えることも願います。

I have been on the Excom for close to three years and the diversity and insights that this group has is truly inspirational. BCCJ is about “making connections with people who matter”. Hopefully as we come out of the COVID period we can have more face-to-face events and increase opportunities for the membership to network and engage with the Excom directly.



  • Can I nominate somebody else?

Yes. Nominees require one Proposer and one Seconder, each from a current BCCJ member company. 

  • What attributes make a good Excom candidate?

The Excom seeks an appropriate balance of members of the business community with specific skills and experiences that will benefit the BCCJ and its membership at large. We are looking for individuals with an eagerness to participate in discussions and BCCJ events, and a genuine interest and commitment to furthering UK-Japan relations.

  • How often do Excom members meet?

Excom members will meet 11 times during the year, excluding the month of August, and are also expected to attend the BCCJ Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April.



Speak with a member of the BCCJ team

Want to learn more about the 2023-2024 BCCJ Excom applications process? Book a meeting with a member of the BCCJ team!

If you have any questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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