Rugby Alliance

The BCCJ is proud to be a founding member of the Rugby Alliance, a coalition of eight international chambers of commerce in Japan.

Launched at a special event “Rugby World Cup 2019 – One Year To Go”, September 19 2018 at Happo-en, the mission of The Rugby Alliance is to support Japan’s delivery of this year’s tournament, “fostering a legacy of more inclusive communities that embrace opportunities for international business and exchange”.

The Rugby Alliance pledges to:

• Promote exchange and networking among the Japanese and international business community
• Highlight Japan’s regions as tourist destinations
• Compile and share a master calendar of rugby related events for the benefit of all stakeholders; and
• Channel combined resources into the delivery of at least three events to be co-hosted by the Chambers between September 2018 and September 2019.

Rugby Alliance members

Representing 12 of the 19 nations that will be playing in the Rugby World Cup 2019, The Rugby Alliance is comprised of the following Chambers of Commerce in Japan.