Welcome: YUZEN Translation LLC

Written by BCCJ
September 14, 2018

Written by BCCJ
September 14, 2018

The BCCJ is delighted to welcome YUZEN Translation LLC on becoming an Entrepreneur Member!

We are a specialist translation company based in the centre of Tokyo. We have completed a number of successful projects for the energy, environment, and shipping industry together with a number of localization and bespoke projects in other fields. We pride ourselves on being able to work very closely with our clients from start to finish, and beyond, to ensure that expectations are exceeded.

Our translators are bilingual and all possess a sound knowledge of translating techniques and local knowledge to ensure that what is intended in the source text is accurately transcribed to the target text in a natural way.

YUZEN Translation is celebrating its third year in business. The name of our business derives from the Japanese yuzen to suru, which means that our clients can trust in us to take care of their translation needs; freeing them up to run other aspects of their businesses.

We are relatively small and agile and can offer a very personal and tailored service. Please feel more than welcome to contact us for a quote and discuss how we can assist you with your translating needs.

A little about the founders

Ayuko Ozawa:

Ayuko has a Masters in Seventeenth Century Studies from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Since then Ayuko has worked for a number of foreign affiliated companies which involved helping them launch here in Japan. As office manager she gained much of her back office and translation experience. Prior to establishing YUZEN Translation, she worked and translated for some of Japan’s industry leaders in the energy and shipping sectors. In her spare time Ayuko is an active committee member (newsletter editor) of an UNU affiliated organization and volunteers for the local fire department.

Geoff England:

Geoff specialized in Japanese Studies at Sheffield University and participated in a one-year exchange program at Yokohama National University. With a background mainly in HR management and PR in education, Geoff brings over ten years of editing and management experience to YUZEN. In his spare time, Geoff enjoys running, socializing and inventing things. He also has a keen interest in ships; he completed a four-day training course on the grand sailing ship Kaiwomaru last summer.

E-mail: [email protected]