Welcome: Watanabe Co. Ltd.

Written by BCCJ
June 11, 2015

Written by BCCJ
June 11, 2015

**We are delighted to welcome Watanabe Co. Ltd. as the newest Corporate member of the BCCJ!**

Watanabe Co. Ltd has a 50-year history in bringing some of the UK’s finest examples of craftsmanship to the Japanese market. The company was a double nominee at last year’s British Business Awards.

A message from Watanabe Co. Ltd:

In 1962 Takara Watanabe formed Watanabe Company Ltd., and with his good friend Moto Nagashima, began the importation and distribution of European textiles in the Japanese market. The relationship with suppliers and customers was one based on trust and friendship, as contracts and orders were sealed with a handshake. With a total of four employees, Takara built a future for his family and developed international relationships that have been sustained for over fifty years. Led by his example, not only have the relationships been sustained, but the business has prospered and now is a recognised name as a distributor of world famous high class brands.

In July 1991, Takara’s son Yoshi Watanabe succeeded his father as Managing Director, and has continued developing the business with the same trading ethic and ethos that was firmly established by our founder. This continuously emphasized ethic and ethos within our company has set Watanabe Co. Ltd. apart from the others.

As Yoshi continued to build and grow the Watanabe Co. Ltd., the decision was made to narrow our sights from European brands to British made products. Our company is now proud to have in our portfolio many luxury goods names such as:


With a multi-talented staff at the heart of the operation, Watanabe Co. Ltd. has built an amazing team of imaginative and creative people who constantly maintain a high profile for the brands that they sell and distribute.

In 2009, in a major change of policy and direction, Watanabe Co. Ltd. opened its first retail outlet in Tokyo under the brand name Decentage. However in 2013, following the strategic decision to focus on products from Britain, the retail outlets were rebranded British Made. This move proved very successful, as Watanabe Co. Ltd. has four British Made stores now with further expansion planned over the next three years.

Watanabe Co. Ltd. continues to develop relationships with British brands, and in unison with the Japanese community has produced “The Happy Bag”- a product made in Britain and gifted to our company in support of our 3.11 tsunami relief initiatives. This bag was originally designed to be an aid to the children affected by the tsunami, where now Watanabe Co. Ltd. plans to give “The Happy Bag” a much broader presence in Japanese society.

From the original four employees, Watanabe Co. Ltd. has grown to a team of 50. In addition, our company can now boast a third generation of succession with Yoshi’s son Yuta now having a major influence in the business. – Hence, Watanabe Co. Ltd. is and will continue to be, in every and all aspects, a family friendly company.