Welcome: The Business Associates of British Interior Design

Written by BCCJ
January 13, 2017

Written by BCCJ
January 13, 2017

***Delighted to welcome The Business Associates of British Interior Design as the newest Entrepreneur Member of the BCCJ***

Noriko Sawayama, President of BABID:

“Since moving to the United Kingdom in 1995, I have been involved in a number of projects and educational activities in the world of interior design. In the meantime, what I’ve seen in London is the real fun of the design. It is dynamic with strong expression of personality that brings a sense of abundance to the lives of people. It is the essence of the British interior design.

“This led to the establishment of the Business Association of British Interior Design (BABID) with the aim of promoting exciting British interior design throughout Japan.

“In Japan there are many spaces where the British Interior Design can be fully expressed, starting with commercial facilities such as hotels and restaurants and private houses, all the way through to hospital and town planning. BABID, along with the Japanese members of British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) count more than 30 people, and play an important role in connecting the customer and the UK in their respective fields.”

BABID objectives

– To bring authentic British design directly to clients in Japan. Stunning designs produced by British artists are the key to our business success. The classic British design people that often springs to mind in Japan such as country house decor and classic interiors only make up a small part of the designs created by British designers. BIID-registered designers create interior designs that are as close as possible to their clients’ demands, and the subsequent designs are of great quality and one-of-a-kind. With our considerable experience in bringing like-minded people together, clients will be able to find their ideal British designer through our organization in Japan.

– To provide a one-stop service connecting the project in Japan to a designer in the UK and following through until the project is realised. Firstly, we assess the requirements of the client in Japan and conduct research. Based on the outcome, a British designer is selected and introduced to the client. Subsequently our experienced Japanese staff, who are involved in diverse projects with the UK, provide support throughout the process. Support ranges from communication during the design phase through to the presentation and procurement of special products from overseas. Our system allows Japanese clients to entrust their projects to us with complete peace of mind.

Cover Photo: Reception Lobby of The Grand Hotel Brighton, Design by Lori Pinkerton-Rolet BIID

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