Welcome: Thales Japan KK

Written by BCCJ
September 9, 2015

Written by BCCJ
September 9, 2015

**We are delighted to welcome Thales Japan KK as the newest Corporate Plus member of the BCCJ!**

Thales is an international company developing electronic systems for a range of industries including airlines and defence. Their clients include the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force, Japan Airlines and the East Japan Railway Company.

A message from Thales Japan KK:

Thales Japan Kabushiki Kaisha (TJKK) is a 100% subsidiary of the French company Thales. Thales Group is a 13bn euros, 65,000-employee company developing electronic systems in defense, aerospace, airlines, security and safety, information technology, and transportation domains.

Thales is present in Japan since 40 years, with today more than 60 people.

TJKK objective is to be an active and recognized partner for the development of defense and civil infrastructures in Japan in cooperation with Japanese companies on domestic and export markets.

TJKK is present in the Japanese market: defense and security system, laser products, civil aviation, ground transportation, cyber security, and components.

Since 2011, TJKK is very active in the implementation of bi-lateral agreements for cooperation on defense equipment and technology that Japan signed, respectively with UK, France and Australia.


Jean-Louis MORAUD

President and CEO, Thales Japan KK 

Bushmaster vehicles for Japanese Ministry of Defense

Thales Bushmaster has been selected by Japan Ground Self-Defense Force for moving troops and personnel safely when overseas.  First four vehicles, all troop carrier variants, were delivered in March 2015.




CBTC system for East Japan Railway Company for the Joban line

In 2014, Thales has obtained with East Japan Railway Company a contract for Communication-Based Train Control System on the Joban Local line. Thales had the honor of first selected foreign supplier for the railway signaling system market in Japan.

High Peak Power Ultra Short Pulse Laser System for Riken Harima

Thales has been awarded by RIKEN with a contract for the development and installation of the intense laser system which expand significantly the capabilities of the SACLA (Spring-8 Angstrom Compact free electron Laser) at the Japanese X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) facility, open to researchers in Japan and the international community for advanced research in science.


Thales In-flight entertainment for JAL

Japan Airlines’ new B787-8 in service since December 2014 is equipped with Thales latest In-Flight Entertainment system which makes the company the first carrier in Asia to have implemented the advanced IFE technology.



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