Welcome: Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co. Ltd

Written by BCCJ
September 12, 2014

Written by BCCJ
September 12, 2014

**We are delighted to welcome Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co. Ltd as the newest Corporate member of the BCCJ!**

Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co. Ltd., SCGR is a 100% subsidiary and a research and consulting arm of Sumitomo Corporation Group (http://www.sumitomocorp.co.jp/english/) a global business organization that develops and operates businesses across virtually every industry and sectors around the world, including Metal products, Transportation & Construction Systems, Environment & Infrastructure, Consumer and lifestyle-related businesses, Mineral resource, Energy, Chemical & Electronics.

A message from SCGR:

Established on April 2004, and celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, SCGR’s mission has been to provide market intelligence and research services to Sumitomo Corporation and its Group companies, also sharing views to our global customers, partners, and the media world-wide.

Our basic areas of expertise include;

  1. Macro-Economic analysis and forecast,
  2. Industry specific analysis
  3. Market analysis (of international commodities ),
  4. International affairs & Country risk analysis
  5. New Technology analysis

Our core competence lies in our ability to communicate and gather first hand information from Sumitomo’s vast network, whose daily operations are deeply rooted in every sector and region around the globe. This is what makes us unique from other think tanks.

We are always eager and excited in expanding our global relations, and thus we look forward to sharing our views and making new acquaintances with BCCJ members.


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